Ninjala: Shinobi Hachigane (Headgear)

Find out more about the Shinobi Hachigane headgear item that’s found in the game Ninjala.

Shinobi Hachigane

The Shinobi Hachigane is a form of headband that’s filed under the cosmetic category of headgear in Ninjala. It can be used to customise your avatar.

To get your ninja in the Shinobi Hachigane headgear, you’ll need to go into the Avatar part of the Closet. You’ll find yourself on the Avatar Items tab, where you’ll want to select the first option – denoted by the baseball cap icon.

On the next screen, you’ll be able to find your headgear options, including the Shinobi Hachigane, which can then be applied to your Ninjala load-out.

Official Description

“Headwear that takes the ‘hachigane’ head plate in a modern direction. In terms of ninja headgear, it is still without peer.”

Fashion Brand: Xinobi



The Shinobi Hachigane headgear features a dark blue band around your Ninjala character’s forehead, which is accentuated by a metal plate on the front.

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