Ninjala: Shinobi Spinner Weapon

Discover all of the details about the Shinobi Spinner weapon of Ninjala, including its Ninjutsu and special abilities.

Shinobi Spinner

The Shinobi Spinner is a yo-yo class weapon in Ninjala, capable of striking foes from range. It’s a one-handed weapon which grants your ninja a unique Gum Shoot, Gum Ninjutsu, special abilities, and parameter adjustments.

Shinobi Spinner Official Description

“A gum weapon highly effective at attacking from a distance. Sneaky movements like warping are its speciality.”

Shinobi Spinner Information

  • Equipment Icon:
  • Weapon Class: Yo-yo
  • Gum Shoot: Gum Net
  • Gum Ninjutsu: Ninja Tornado
  • Special: Yo-yo Leap
  • Abilities: Star Tail / Inside Loop
  • Adjust Parameters:  255  104

Shinobi Spinner Gum Shoot

Gum Net: Flies straight and sets a net where it lands.

Shinobi Spinner Gum Ninjutsu

Ninja Tornado: Rotates rapidly and rushes at your foe like a tornado.

Shinobi Spinner Special

Yo-yo Leap: Warp to the position of a thrown yo-yo and attack.

Shinobi Spinner Abilities

Star Tail (Primary Ability): Warp attacks replenish your Gum Shoot cooldown time.

Inside Loop (Big Weapon Ability): Knockout a foe with a warp attack to recover life.

Ninja-Gum: Mellow Gum

Image Source: Ninjala

Official Description: “Gum decorated with a spinner design. Forms a magatama-shaped gum weapon. Has a unique aroma.”

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