Ninjala: Short & Spiky (Hairstyle)

Find out more about Van’s hairstyle of choice, known as ‘Short & Spiky.’

Short & Spiky

Short & Spiky is Van’s favoured hairstyle. The Ninjala character wears the predominantly white hairdo with a purple segment.

To select the Short & Spiky hairstyle for your avatar, head to the Closet, then the Avatar menu, and then press R to get to the ‘Customise’ tab. On this screen, opt for the bar with the comb icon.

Here, you’ll find Short & Spiky alongside all of the other Ninjala hairstyles.

Official Description

“Short spiky hair. It’s better to give it a little flow than making it spike straight up.



Berecca dons the blonde variation of the Short & Spiky hairstyle in the image above.

Short & Spiky is a big hairdo that features a flowing spike up the centre with a coloured stripe down the wearer’s right side.

Selecting one of the colour options shown below will only alter the coloured segment of the hairstyle. You can make the whole hairdo one colour by picking the white colouration from the palette.

If you wish to change the colour of your Short & Spiky hairstyle, change the first colour option under the ‘Select Colour’ menu – found under the ‘Customise’ tab of the Avatar screen.

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