Ninjala: All stages available

We list all the available Ninjala stages to do battle on.

In any arena battle game, the stages will dictate where you prefer to fight your foes and your planned escape routes.

Players of Ninjala, however, can run up walls, morph into common objects, shoot through walls, find Drones to smash, and make use of gadgets littered around the stage. So, the arena can be even more pivotal to your strategy.

On this page, we’ll go through some of the key features to look out for in Ninjala stages, as well as a list of all of the known stages in Ninjala.

Key elements of Ninjala stages

Ninjala stages vary quite significantly from arena to arena, with some featuring many tall buildings to scale with a large overall surface area to battle on, while others are more confined.

In the smaller but more open stages like the WNA Academy, you may want to change your loadout with Shinobi Cards that better-suit close combat and speed.

The larger stages with plenty of obstacles around, like Eagle City, could be seen as prime locations to utilise gum morphing abilities, wall runs, and the weapons that fire from range and through obstacles – such as the Scroll Blade.

Some stages also feature gadgets which make traversing the space, moving in on your enemies, and fleeing combat a bit easier, so it’s worth keeping tabs on where all of the gadgets are on the map.

Perhaps the most essential aspect to get to grips with is the locations of the Drones. The hovering bots are key to you playing at full-strength, so from the start, you’ll want to go out and smash as many as you can find.

Learning where popular battlegrounds are, such as the bridge in Eagle City, can help in the Drone hunt, as while your S-Energy gauge in on the low side, you can avoid these areas to get boosts from Drones elsewhere.

The Shinobi Card Discerning Eye can help you to detect Drones around the map – which could be quite helpful when the game first launches.

Ninjala Stages List

These are all of the known stages in Ninjala, with more to be added once they’ve been revealed.

For more information on each stage, click the links in the table below.

Standby DojoPractice Room 
WNA AcademySmall Battle Arena 
Eagle CityLarge Battle Arena 

This article and the table shall be updated when more information becomes available.

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