Ninjala: Standby Dojo Stage

Find out what you’ll encounter in the Standby Dojo stage of Ninjala.

Standby Dojo

The Standby Dojo is the stage that you’ll visit the most often.

Not only can you practice your skills while a session loads, but you can also go to it on your own terms to practice.

Official Description

“Hone your skills while you wait.”

Stage Information

The Standby Dojo is primarily a place where you can try out different weapons, skills, and abilities.

It’s a locked-off, open room with some Drones and energy balls dotted around, enabling you to craft big weapons and see how their specials and abilities work at full power.

While waiting for a battle to commence, you’ll find yourself in the Standby Dojo.

Stage Tools

If you enter the Standby Dojo through the training mode, you’ll be able to adjust aspects of the experience.

In the Player Settings of the Training Menu, you can alter aspects like the size of your weapon, the amount of S-Energy you have, and the special in use.

You can also change your sparring partner and their weapon for your training in the Standby Dojo.

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