Ninjala: Straight & Short (Hairstyle)

Get the details for the Ninjala hairstyle ‘Straight & Short,’ which is the preferred cosmetic of the character Jane.

Straight & Short

Straight & Short is the hairstyle of choice for the Ninjala character Jane, who sports the purple variant of the hairdo.

If you want your avatar to wear the Straight & Short hairstyle, venture into the Closet, pick ‘Avatar,’ and then switch the tab to ‘Customise’ by pressing R. Next, select the option with a comb icon.

On the next screen, you’ll be able to browse and select from all of the Ninjala hairstyles, including Straight & Short.

Official Description

“Straight short hair with a distinctive look in the front. The hair sticking up at the top is cute as well.”



Above, Berecca is seen wearing the Straight & Short hairstyle with the blonde colouration selected.

Straight & Short is one of the more subtle Ninjala hairstyles, with the hairdo framing the face, featuring a little flick at the back.

Changing the colour from the palette shown below transforms the whole hairstyle to that same colour.

To change your Straight & Short hairstyle’s colouration, you’ll need to alter the first option of the ‘Select Colour’ menu (which is under the ‘Customise’ tab of the Avatar screen).

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