Ninjala: Street Ippon Decoration

Here’s what information there is on the Street style Ippon Decoration of Ninjala.


Street is one of several different Ippon Decorations that you can apply to your Ninjala loadout.

To access the Street flourish and apply it to your character, you’ll need to go into the Closet, open the Avatar Menu, and then find it in the ‘IPPON Decorations’ section.  

Official Description

“Fancy IPPON flourish. The sword that pierces through “IPPON” creates an air of finality.”


The Street customisation option fires onto the screen in puffs of cloud when you secure an Ippon knockout over one of your foes.

The Ippon Decoration itself is in the style of street art graffiti, being orange and yellow in colour with a katana blade running through the word ‘Ippon.’

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