Ninjala: Sydney James (Fashion Brand)

On this page, find all of the Ninjala items created by the in-game fashion brand Sydney James.

Sydney James

Sydney James is one of Ninjala’s in-game fashion brands. Its logo is attached to several different types of apparel.

Sydney James is the fashion brand behind the Charmant range and is Burton’s brand of choice for his default set-up.

Official Description

“A high-fashion brand with a rich history founded by the legendary designer Sidney James. Offering high-quality, avant-garde designs, the brand continues to be a leader in the world of high fashion, counting celebrities worldwide among their loyal clients.”

Sydney James Avatar Items List

These are all of the known Ninjala customisation items that are made by the Sydney James fashion brand.

For more details on each item – mostly its description and appearance – click the links in the table.

This list will be updated as more items are unveiled in Ninjala.

Sydney James ItemApparel TypeIcon
Burton’s AttireCostume 
Burton’s GlassesFacial Accessory 
Burton’s HeadphonesHeadgear 
Charmant MinidressCostume 
Charmant Mode LensFacial Accessory 
Kunai HeaddressHeadgear 

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