Ninjala: ‘Thomas Flare’ Battle Emote

Have your Ninjala character use the Battle Emote ‘Thomas Flare’ at the start, when you win, or when you lose.

Thomas Flare

There are several Battle Emotes to select from in Ninjala, but the ‘Thomas Flare’ move is one of the more popular for load-out customisation.

By going into the Closet and then the Battle Emotes menu, you can pick Thomas Flare as the action that your ninja performs at the start of a battle, when you win, or when if you lose.

‘Thomas Flare’ Official Description

“A traditional breakdance move. What takes the average b-boys months to master is a piece of cake for a ninja.”

‘Thomas Flare’ Animation

One of the most acrobatic and instantly recognisable breakdance moves, your Ninjala character performs the impressive Thomas Flare.

Being such an impressive Battle Emote, you can probably make use of the Thomas Flare at the beginning of a match, when you win, or even when you lose.

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