Ninjala: Trad Ninja Hood (Headgear)

Check out the Trad Ninja Hood headgear piece found in Ninjala.

Trad Ninja Hood

The Trad Ninja Hood is the headgear item that is most associated with a ninja and can be applied to your customised Ninjala character.

To have your ninja wear the Trad Ninja Hood, go into the Closet and then select the Avatar option. Next, on the Avatar Items tab, pick the first option (the one denoted by a baseball cap icon).

On the next screen, you’ll be able to see your Trad Ninja Hood and all of your other pieces of headgear. All you have to do then, if unlocked, is select the headgear to put on your Ninjala avatar.

Official Description

“A hood to cover the head and mouth. Sunglasses complete the look if you’re going for that shady style. Facial accessories cannot be worn with this item.”

Fashion Brand: Xinobi



The Trad Ninja Hood cosmetic headgear item fully embodies the traditional ninja aesthetic. With a black hood and patterned inner covering, it offers the most recognisably ninja look of the Ninjala headgear options.

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