Ninjala: Two-Edged Parry Shinobi Card

Find all of the details for the Ninjala Shinobi Card known as the Two-Edged Parry on this page.

Two-Edged Parry

Two-Edged Parry is one of the many Shinobi Cards that you can use to enhance your Ninjala character. This card makes each parry even more dangerous and has its own set of Assist Codes that you can upgrade.

Two-Edged Parry Official Description

“When parrying, both you and your opponent’s life will be reduced. However, life will never be reduced to zero.”

Two-Edged Parry Information

  • Shinobi Card Icon:
  • Initial Cost: 7
  • Required Medals: 0 Gold, 5 Silver, 5 Bronze
  • Assist Code 1: Damage+
  • Assist Code 2: Damage Guard
  • Assist Code 3: Shockwave Damage

Two-Edged Parry Assist Codes

Damage+: This first Assist Code increases life reduction to your character and your foe when a Nullify occurs. Using Damage+ will increase the cost by +2.

Damage Guard: This second Assist Code reduces life reduction to your character when a Nullify occurs. Using Damage Guard will increase the cost by +4.

Shockwave Damage: This third Assist Code results in damage being dealt to your surroundings when a Nullify occurs. Using Shockwave Damage will increase the cost by +2.

Two-Edged Parry Shinobi Card

The Shinobi Card for Two-Edged Parry features an image of Berecca taking on Lucy in a parry of their two Ippon Katanas.

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