Ninjala: Utsusemi Bus

Selecting this Gum Utsusemi will transform you into the form of a classic yellow school bus – with eyes!

Utsusemi! Bus

The Utsusemi! Bus is one of the Gum Utsusemi options that can be found in the equipment menu and then applied to your Ninjala character’s loadout.

When equipped, using the Gum Utsusemi ability – by pressing down on the d-pad – will transform you into the Utsusemi! Bus.

Utsusemi! Bus Official Description

 “Transform yourself into a yellow school bus. For those who aren’t old enough to get their driver’s license.”

Utsusemi! Bus Appearance

Making use of the Utsusemi! Bus as your Gum Utsusemi will see you take on the form of a big yellow bus with big eyes on the front. It also features a red stop sign on its side.

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