Ninjala: Utsusemi Goddess

Selecting this Gum Utsusemi will transform you into a caricature-like form of the Statue of Liberty.

Utsusemi! Goddess

One of the three Gum Utsusemi forms unveiled in the beta sessions, Utsusemi! Goddess can be equipped to your Ninjala loadout via the equipment menu.

When selected to your character, you can transform into the Utsusemi! Goddess during matches by using the Gum Utsusemi ability (press down on the d-pad).

Utsusemi! Goddess Official Description

 “Transform yourself into a beautiful, long-lashed goddess. For those who like to raise their hand in class.”

Utsusemi! Goddess Appearance

When you activate Utsusemi! Goddess, your character will transform into a tall, green figure that’s very similar to the Statue of Liberty in its form.

The Utsusemi! Goddess does, however, feature a cartoonised face – so it’s not exactly identical to the monument in New York Harbor.

Ben Chopping

Will give almost any game a chance, particularly those that include wildlife, monsters, or prehistoric creatures of any kind.

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