Ninjala: Van’s Face (Avatar Customisation)

Find all of the details for Van’s Face, the Ninjala face customisation item, on this page.

Van’s Face

One of the eight face customisation options of Ninjala, Van’s Face is the one which is used to create the energetic character Van.

To find and equip Van’s face to your avatar, go into the Closet, select ‘Avatar,’ and then press R to scroll over to the ‘Customise’ page.

Here, select the tab with a little head silhouette icon (the third one down). On the next screen, you can browse and apply any of the eight character faces to your load-out.

Official Description

“Childlike face that is full of energy. The freckles on the cheeks are a sign of someone who plays outside every day.”


All Ninjala faces, Van’s Face included, can be altered in appearance by changing the skin colour.

To change your character’s skin colour, return to the ‘Customise’ tab, open the second section of the ‘Select Colour’ option, and pick whichever one you fancy.

For Van’s default skin colour, pick the second colour from the left, on the first row.  

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