Ninjala: Face Customisation List

You can customise and change your face in Ninjala: have a look at your options with this face list.

You are given a tremendous amount of room to alter and customise your character in Ninjala through purely cosmetic items.

One of the aspects that you can change is your avatar’s face. There are eight different faces that you can select from to apply to any load-out that you create.

Each of the faces belongs to one of the Ninjala characters, with the eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose, and features being different between each option.

The game begins with you picking a character to build into your Ninjala avatar, but you can easily change to a different character, with one of the steps to do so being selecting a different face.

Ninjala Face Customisation List

In the table below, you can find all of the face customisations items available to you in Ninjala.

They are core features to creating each character, should you choose to do so, and you can further customise each face.

After you’ve picked your face, you can then change its skin colour, with all of the options demonstrated in the individual articles linked in the table.

Berecca’s Face 
Burton’s Face 
Emma’s Face 
Jane’s Face 
Kappei’s Face 
Lucy’s Face 
Ron’s Face 
Van’s Face 

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