Ninjala: Whinny Mask (Headgear)

Get the lowdown of the Ninjala headgear item known as the ‘Whinny Mask.’

Whinny Mask

The Whinny Mask is one of the most overt cosmetic headgears that you can apply to your load-out in Ninjala.

To equip the Whinny Mask, go into the Closet, then the Avatar menu, and then pick the first option down (the one with a baseball cap icon).

You’ll then be able to see all of your headgear customisation items, with the Whinny Mask being among them if you’ve got the item. Here, you can switch and select the headgear item worn by your ninja.

Official Description

“Animal mask that covers the entire face. When you want to have maximum presence without revealing your identity. Facial accessories cannot be worn with this item.”

Fashion Brand: Trick in the Pack



The Whinny Mask headgear item is very easy to notice. It has your ninja wearing a massive horse head, which features a pink mane.

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