Ninjala: WNA Academy Stage

Find out what you’ll encounter in the WNA Academy stage of Ninjala.

WNA Academy

Prior to the launch of the full game, the WNA Academy stage is the one that was most commonly seen across a lot of the earlier Ninjala gameplay.

While it’s a smaller arena, there are plenty of aspects to take advantage of in battle.

Official Description

“A training ground for ninja.”

Stage Information

The WNA Academy stage is quite restrictive but is also open top; there are very few places to hide on this stage.

The most notable constructs of the WNA Academy are the four pillars holding up the cage and the addition symbol-shaped box in the centre of the arena.

Combat in the WNA Academy can be very frantic, due to the clear visibility around the stage. However, the obstacles, primarily the box in the centre and the high cage walls, are quite large, so getting out of sight for a short spell is still possible.

Stage Tools

If you enter the WNA Academy through the training mode, you’ll be able to adjust aspects of the experience.

In the Player Settings of the Training Menu, you can alter some parts of the set-up, such as your special, weapon size, and the amount of S-Energy available.

You can also change your opposing ninja and their weapon for your WNA Academy training.  

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