Ninjala: Word Balloon Bottle

Here’s what there is to know about the Word Balloon Bottle cosmetic item in Ninjala.

Word Balloon Bottle

As one of the Gum Bottle customisation items, you can apply the Word Balloon Bottle to the back of your Ninjala character.

The Word Balloon Bottle is found in the Avatar section of the Closet, under the Gum Bottles menu.

Official Description

“A gum bottle with a cosmetic motif. As a ninja, it’s best to keep things under control.”

Fashion Brand: (Trick in the Pack)


The Word Balloon Bottle features an audacious deign, most notably comic-book style onomatopoeic bubbles and add-ons.

The comic-style boxes are attached to either side of the Gum Bottle, keeping the Ninja-Gum visible in its container.

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