Ninjala: World Ninja Association (Fashion Brand)

This page contains all of the cosmetic items created by WNA – a Ninjala fashion brand.

World Ninja Association

World Ninja Association, or ‘WNA,’ is one of Ninjala’s fashion brands. The label creates many avatar items that you can use to customise your ninja’s load-out.

The WNA label makes the World Ninja Association’s official Ninjala tournament gear, such as the standard Ninja-Gum Bottle, and is the creator of Van’s default costume.

World Ninja Association Avatar Items List

These are all of the known WNA fashion brand items in Ninjala.

For more details on each item (its appearance and description) click the links in the table.

More items will be added to this table when they are revealed.

WNA ItemApparel TypeIcon
Moonlight JumpsuitCostume 
Ninja-Gum BottleGum Bottle 
Van’s AttireCostume 

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