Nintendo Opens the Doors to its First Store in its Native Japan

Nintendo Tokyo is open for business!

Image Source: Nintendo Tokyo

On 22 November, Nintendo finally swung open the doors to its first store in its country of origin, Japan. The Nintendo Tokyo store is the second of its kind from the gaming company, with the first opening in New York at Rockefeller Center.

Nintendo Tokyo stands in the new Shibuya Parco department store alongside Pokemon Center Shibuya, creating a Nintendo-fan merchandise hub in the Japanese capital. The sixth-floor store is said to boast 1,000 items for sale, which includes gaming hardware and software, plush toys, stationery, and all other products that you’d expect to see at such a shop.

Nintendo expanding its horizons

As recorded by Japan Today, Shibuya Parco is mere minutes from the famous scramble crossing in the district, with other massive gaming brands also selling their merchandise within the shopping complex, such as Capcom. The news outlet relays an official Nintendo spokesperson saying that as tourists and young people flock to Shibuya, it seemed like the perfect place to attract many fans to the Nintendo Tokyo store.

Loved by many video game fans for aiming to achieve the highest level of quality in their games as well as thinking outside of the box – both with their hardware and software – Nintendo is looking to expand its influence outside of gaming.

Business Insider shows that Nintendo is gradually taking steps to become a larger influence on pop-culture, opening stores, bringing out new movies – as shown with Detective Pikachu and the announced Super Mario movie – and creating a theme park alongside Universal Studios. Super Nintendo World is targeting a completion date before the opening ceremony of the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo – which commences 24 July.

Given Nintendo’s massive global fan base, it wouldn’t come as a surprise if the company opens a new merchandise store in Europe in the coming years.

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