Pine Finally Receives a Nintendo Switch Release Date

Kickstarter-backed game Pine for PC, Mac, Linux and the Nintendo Switch is coming to the Nintendo eShop later this month!

Image Source: Pine Kickstarter

Created by Dutch development company Twirlbound, the Kickstarter-funded game Pine has been of major interest to many Nintendo Switch players since its stunning announcement trailer back in March this year (see below). The game missed its initial opening window – as so many new games do when asked to port to the Nintendo system – but now there is a firm date in place for the action-adventure open-world title.

Having launched the Pine project on Kickstarter back in March 2017, it has been a long time in development, but on 26 November, Pine will finally be available on the Nintendo Switch for £19.49 ($24.99). Backed by 4,091 people to the tune of €121,480 (£104,367/$133,890), the game looks stunning with some very intriguing concepts in play.

Pine is coming to the Switch on 26 November

In their Kickstarter pitch, Twirlbound stated that their vision for Pine had been inspired by the nemesis system of Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, the adventures in the Legend of Zelda series, the dance-like combat of Bloodborne, and the choice-dependent progression in the Fable games.

Now comes their spin on the mix of top titles: a 3D action-adventure set in an open-world. As the protagonist, Hue, you must find a home for your species in a world of bigger and smarter creatures. The game involves exploration, crafting, alliances, enemies, fighting, bartering, and decision-making across the vibrant environments of the world.

Pine is a game about survival and building a home for your people, the humans, with all of your decisions having consequences. Described as an ecological spectrum, whether you decide to fight or befriend another species will have an impact on how they interact with the world. During your game, things will occur in the world without the player’s direct involvement as all of the organisms are said to be alive. Furthermore, enemies learn from your interactions with them, such as your fighting moves in battle.

If the game lives up to its potential and the hopes of the developers, it looks set to be one of the best indie games of the year. The Nintendo Switch boasts a tremendous library of indie and smaller games, but Pine is certainly one of the most exciting of the year.

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