Pokémon Mystery Dungeon DX: Gummis and Rare Qualities Guide

We have everything you need to know about Gummis and Rare Quality effects in our guide.

There is a huge stack of items in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, but perhaps the most sought-after are the Rainbow Gummi and DX Gummi.

Introduced early in the game as a Pokémon stat enhancer, you’ll find many Rainbow Gummis and some DX Gummis throughout the game. That said, they’re not abundant enough for you to just use them on any old Rattata or Swinub.

Gummis are also the key to you adding the best Rare Quality effect to your team, so you’ll want to know which Rare Qualities you want to for each Pokémon.

So, what exactly are Gummis, how do you use Gummis to get the best Rare Qualities, and where can find Gummis in Mystery Dungeon DX?

What is a Gummi in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX?

Of the many, many items in the new Mystery Dungeon DX game, the Rainbow Gummi and DX Gummi are the most powerful.

Giving a Gummi to your Pokémon to eat will enhance one of its stats permanently and potentially give it a Rare Quality. Rainbow Gummis and DX Gummis do differ slightly, though.

The Rainbow Gummi is the more common of the two Gummis in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. Eating a Rainbow Gummi will raise one of that Pokémon’s stats permanently. However, unlike its counterpart, not all Rainbow Gummis give the Pokémon a Rare Quality.

Rare Qualities are very helpful in Mystery Dungeon DX as they apply to the whole rescue team, with a combination of the best ones giving you a huge advantage in certain situations.

So, giving a Rainbow Gummi to a Pokémon will raise its HP, Attack, Special Attack, Defence, Special Defence, or Speed, but it won’t necessarily give that Pokémon a Rare Quality.

The DX Gummi is a much rarer item, and with good reason. Not only does eating a DX Gummi increase the Pokémon’s HP, Attack, Special Attack, Defence, Special Defence, or Speed, but the golden Gummis also guarantee that the Pokémon will gain a Rare Quality.

So that you know what kind of Rare Quality you need in your team as well as how far along you are to having at least one of each across your entire rescue team, here are all of the Rare Qualities that you can get in the game.

All of the Rare Qualities in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

There are a total of 35 Rare Qualities that you can find in new recruits to your rescue team or give to Pokémon via Rainbow Gummis and DX Gummis.

Here are all of the Rare Qualities, what they effect they grant to your team, and in what situations you’d want a Pokémon with that trait on your team for a dungeon job:

Rare Quality Effect Usefulness
Bargain Items in dungeon shops can be bought for a lower price than usual. If you’re short on Poké coins, this is a good Rare Quality to have on the team as the in-dungeon shops often have rare items at more reasonable prices.
Blast Control Reduces damage sustained from explosions by your team. A decent choice if you’re entering a dungeon where explosions are expected.
Brawl Moves become more powerful with more enemies in the room. Certainly a good choice in later dungeons, especially if you’re trying to level-up a weaker team member.
Defensive Rhythm For one turn after being hit by an attack, your Pokémon’s defence and special defence increase. Useful if your Pokémon are particularly low in defence or special defence.
Evasive Rhythm For one turn after being hit by an attack, your Pokémon’s evasiveness increases. Useful for any Pokémon, particularly those who boast high evasiveness – making them even harder to hit.
Food Finder Tiny Apples appear more frequently when you’re exploring dungeons. If you’re low on food, this is a good way to top up your stores.
Forge a Path At a significant cost to your Belly metre, your leader Pokémon can break through walls by walking into them. However, if your Belly metre reaches zero, you won’t be able to break any more walls. If you have plenty of food and just want to power through some dungeons for items or progression, Forge a Path can be a beneficial Rare Quality.
Friendly Pokémon that you battle against have an increased chance of wanting to join your rescue team. Anyone who’s trying to get each Pokémon species to join their rescue team will find this useful.
Funnel Fun While walking through a corridor, the health of your Pokémon will be restored at a faster rate than usual. If you find yourself a bit outmatched in the dungeons, this is a good way to help your team recover quickly.
Leap Ahead Moving through a corridor, the Pokémon behind the leader will jump in front, using a one-tile move. It then jumps back behind the leader. Will sometimes grant your leader protection from the first enemy attack, so it saves you from switching. It doesn’t seem to have much utility.
Leave Half If you use a Max Elixir, Perfect Apple, Big Apple, or Reviver Seed, you’ll find that a Max Ether, Apple, or Tiny Reviver Seed is left behind in your Toolbox. Always good for those who want to enter dungeons with as few items as possible, giving you two items for the storage of one.
Link Boost Linked moves become even more powerful. The more moves that you have linked, the more powerful each linked move becomes. Absurdly good Rare Quality to have on your rescue team if you link moves.
Lonely Courage A Pokémon becomes very strong when it doesn’t have any teammates nearby. Lonely Courage can be particularly handy when you start moving across element floor squares, like water or lava, as teammates often get separated.
Mind Over Matter Wonder Tiles now restore strength and heal bad conditions, such as burns and poison. A good option to have in the more powerful, fire-based dungeons.
Moving Up The move Exp. that you earn when using moves in dungeons increases at a greater rate than usual. Useful for any player who wants the moves of their Pokémon to be the strongest that they can be as quickly as possible.
Narrow Focus Any move used while battling in a corridor will never miss its target. Good to include if your Pokémon have several low accuracy moves.
Notorious Fasting Pokémon don’t sustain damage when their Belly metres fall to zero, but they also don’t recover health naturally while moving. A fair trade if you’re short on food items.
Notorious Healing The natural recovery of health as you walk around a dungeon speeds up. In challenging dungeons, and if you’re short on healing items, this Rare Quality can be very helpful.
Notorious Restoration Items that restore your Belly metre or your health are more effective and restore more than usual. Makes healing and eating items more effective, which always helps.
PP Pouch When you defeat an enemy, the PP of a learned move restores a bit. Very useful Rare Quality, particularly because teammates tend to burn through their ranged moves quite quickly.
Rapid Bull’s-Eye Moves that hit multiple times don’t ever miss. Can make relatively hit-or-miss moves very potent, especially as multiple-hit moves tend to be lower in accuracy.
Recoil Boost Moves that hurt the user or deal recoil damage to the user are greatly powered up if they miss. Gives a bit more value to powerful moves that also harm the user.
Riled Up When you take damage from an enemy, your attack and special attack are boosted. An excellent Rare Quality that makes your inevitable riposte even more likely to defeat the enemy and limit further damage being sustained.
Sales PitchItems can be sold at a higher price to shops in dungeons.Could be the difference between you being able to afford a rare item or not.
Shared Happiness The healing of a teammate’s bad condition also heals the bad condition of another teammate. If you’ve only got one berry that can deal with the bad condition at hand, this Rare Quality could save you a Reviver Seed or two.
Small Stomach Your Belly metre will be completely filled by any food that you eat. Saves you from carrying around several Apples and allows you to focus on more beneficial berries.
Squad Up Having more members on your rescue team increases the likelihood of enemy Pokémon wanting to join your team. Necessary for building your overall rescue team roster and a formidable team in tough dungeons.
Squeeze Out Sometimes, a move which has hit zero PP will have its PP restored. Squeeze Out will sometimes save you from using an Elixir or finding out a bit late that a teammate has burned through the PP of their best move.
Steamroll Moves that aren’t very effective or don’t have any effect on an enemy Pokémon due to type-matching or abilities will steamroll the opponent to deal damage. This is a very strong Rare Ability, especially if your starterPokémon don’t match-up well against a legendary Pokémon.
Strike Back Taking damage from an enemy standing adjacent will then lower the attack and special attack of said enemy. A fairly good Rare Quality to have if you position your team well before an attack.
Thrown Item Boost Enemies can’t catch your thrown items, and your thrown items (spikes and stones) deal increased damage. Certainly makes your registered items more worthwhile.
Tight Formation The more teammates that are near the target of a wide-ranging move, like Magnitude, the less the damage will be. There are certain powerful Pokémon that utilise wide-ranging moves, so Tight Formation can be a good Rare Quality to have at the ready.
Wary Walk Increases the likelihood of a trap being disabled or broken when stepped on by a Pokémon. Potentially lessens the number of times that confusion and sleep pads become a hindrance.
XP Boost Pokémon receive an Exp. boost when they defeat an enemy. XP Boost is a great Rare Quality that will help you to improve your team quicker.

Depending on the dungeon, your selected Pokémon, and your potential enemy, you’ll want different Rare Qualities in your team.

Generally speaking, XP Boost, Tight Formation, Steamroll, Squad Up, Riled Up, Notorious Healing, Moving Up, Lonely Courage, Friendly, and possibly Link Boost make up the best Rare Qualities to have at the ready in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX.

How to use Gummis in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

To use either a Rainbow Gummi or a DX Gummi on any member of your rescue team, you’ll need to go into the appropriate Friend Camp and then select the Pokémon that you want to boost.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Gummis in Mystery Dungeon DX:

Head out of your house and turn to the left to go to the Rescue Team Camps overview screen.

You’ll then be met by the Camp List, where there can be over 40 of the potential Friend Camps that you can unlock. Navigate to the Friend Camp that hosts the Pokémon that you want to give a boost.

If you want to boost either of your two starter Pokémon, all you have to do is select a Friend Camp with Pokémon waiting in it.

Once you’ve selected the Friend Camp, you’ll see your two starter Pokémon and all of the residents of the Friend Camp shown in retro graphics.

Simply hover over the Pokémon that you want to improve with a Rainbow Gummi or a DX Gummi and press A.

On the Pokémon’s screen, you’ll have several options, including Eat a Gummi. First of all, you’ll want to press R to go from the Status tab to the Overview tab to see if the Pokémon has a Rare Quality already. You may need to press down the right analogue to see the details of the Rare Quality.

If not, go ahead and give the Pokémon a Rainbow Gummi to have a chance at giving it a Rare Quality, or a DX Gummi to guarantee that it gets Rare Quality. Either way, one of its stats will improve permanently.

If the Pokémon does already have a Rare Quality, you can still give it a DX Gummi to guarantee that it gets a new Rare Quality, or a Rainbow Gummi to attempt to give it a new Rare Quality.

If this is the case, you’ll be given the option of which Rare Quality to keep between the new one and the old one.

It isn’t possible for you to grind for a preferred Rare Quality in Mystery Dungeon.

If you’re changing the Rare Quality of a Pokémon which already has a Rare Quality via a DX Gummi, the game appears to save once you’ve pressed the Eat A Gummi option. So, don’t kill the game and go back in as you’ll find that you’ve lost a Gummi.

Now that you’ve given some Rainbow Gummis and DX Gummis to a Pokémon, feel free to give them even more Gummis to enhance their stats further.

Where to find Gummis in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

As you progress through Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, you’ll find yourself stacking up a fair few Rainbow Gummis, but precious few DX Gummis.

One of the easiest ways to get Rainbow Gummis and DX Gummis quickly is by using the Wonder Mail codes below:

DX Gummi x2H6W7 K262
DX Gummi x1, Rainbow Gummi x1XMK9 5K49
Rainbow Gummi x6SN3X QSFW
Rainbow Gummi x3, PP-Up Drink x3Y490 CJMR
Rainbow Gummi x3, Power Drink x3WCJT 275J
Rainbow Gummi x3, Accuracy Drink x36XWH H7JM

However, there are also some other more traditional ways to come across the odd Rainbow Gummi in the game, including:

  • Within chests dropped by enemies in dungeons;
  • By completing jobs where the reward is a Rainbow Gummi;
  • By completing rescues where the reward is a Rainbow Gummi;
  • As items to find within dungeons (they are rare drops);
  • Inside the Mystery House (obtain an Invitation from the Kecleon Shop for 1,000 Poké coins).

To check to see if you have any jobs on the go that reward a Rainbow Gummi, simply press X while you’re not in a dungeon, scroll over to Accepted Jobs, and just go through each one to see what ones have a Gummi as a reward and which dungeon you need to visit to complete the job.

Also, when you check the Bulletin Board by the Pelipper Post Office for new jobs, you can see which ones will reward a Rainbow Gummi upon completion.

Now that you know what Rainbow and DX Gummis are, where to find them, and how to use them, you can make your rescue team even stronger by increasing stats and adding a new Rare Quality.

How to farm Gummi items in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX

There are a couple of good techniques to use to increase your chances of landing a Rainbow Gummi or a DX Gummi when you venture into the dungeons.

If you have a Nintendo Online subscription, you’ll be able to go on rescue missions online via the Pelipper Post Office section from the home screen of the game. Embarking on these missions often yields high-value rewards, including Gummi items.

If you’re not an online subscriber, you can still farm Gummi items in the regular form of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX. The key here is to target jobs in dungeons where Strong Foes are present.

When you leave your house and head south to go on a rescue mission, you’ll then see a list of all of the places that you can go and the number of jobs available in each. If you see a yellow warning sign with a picture of a Pokémon next to one of these locations, it means that there are Strong Foes in the area.

Strong Foes are tough to beat, but once you do, you get a Deluxe Chest which is one of the best items in the game and gives high-value items when opened – including Rainbow Gummis and DX Gummis.

As several Strong Foes can appear on one floor of a dungeon, across several floors, and can even respawn on the same floor, you can farm Deluxe Chests from them if your team is powerful enough.

Strong Foes can only occur in certain locations, so be sure to check out the complete Pokémon list for all of the locations of Strong Foes in Mystery Dungeon DX.

Now that you know what Rainbow and DX Gummis are, where to find them, and how to use them, you can make your rescue team even stronger by increasing stats and adding a new Rare Quality.

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