Pokémon Unite Absol Build: Best Gap-Closing Speedster (Skills, Items and Moves)

This guide will allow you to build Absol into a rapid melee Jungler in Pokémon Unite.

Absol joined the Pokémon franchise in Generation III. Since then, it has become a firm fan-favourite. Now, in Pokémon Unite, the Dark-type disaster Pokémon is a solid pick for any team composition.

Absol is part of the Speedster class, specialising in burst melee attacks to quickly disperse of your opponents. The following build optimises Absol’s kit and will enable you to dominate in Pokémon Unite.

Just before we delve into the specifics of this build, here’s a quick look at how to make the best Absol build in Pokémon Unite:

  • Role: Gap-Closing Jungler
  • First Move: Pursuit
  • Second Move: Psycho Cut
  • Battle Item: Eject Button
  • Held Items: Attack Weight, Float Stone, Scope Lens

Optimum role of Absol in Pokémon Unite

In order to fine-tune your Absol build, press ZL in the pre-game lobby, bringing up the Battle Prep page. From here, you can select the items to use during the battle, as well as direct your selected moves. This can also be done before entering the pre-game lobby via the Battle Prep section at the main menu.

Being part of the Speedster class, Absol is well-suited to playing the Jungler role, focusing on staying in the middle lane whilst offering support to the top lane and bottom lane during skirmishes.

With four-star mobility, it is obvious that Absol is an adept Jungler, and with three-and-a-half-star offence, you will find that your ability to enter into team fights and deal a tremendous amount of damage will massively increase your team’s chances of success in battle.

Optimum moveset of the Absol build in Pokémon Unite

This Absol build optimises its abilities and is assembled to be as effective as possible, moving around the map and causing lots of damage in a very short amount of time.

Its basic attack deals extra damage on the third hit and decreases the target’s defence, dealing extra damage if it only hits one opponent. The passive ability increases Absol’s critical-hit rate, making it easier to do more damage in a short space of time.

Finally, the Unite Move is an area move, which sends out slashes forwards, dealing extra damage to opposing Pokémon and pushing them back.

  • Basic Attack: “Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon and decreasing their defence when it hits. If this boosted attack hits only a single opposing Pokémon, it deals increased damage.”
  • Passive Ability, Super Luck:“Increases the Pokémon’s critical-hit rate.”
  • Unite Move, Midnight Slash: “Unleashes a flurry of slashes in front of the user. This move ends by unleashing powerful blades of energy, dealing increased damaged to opposing Pokémon and shoving them.”

When it comes to choosing your Level 5 move, the choice between Pursuit and Night Slash, it is important to remember that this build focuses on utilising Absol’s ability to quickly disperse of opponents.

With Pursuit, the user dashes to a designated location and charges at an opposing Pokémon. Landing the ability from behind increases its damage and reduces the cooldown of the ability, making it very difficult for opponents to escape you when you are hunting them down.

At Level 11, Pursuit gets upgraded to Pursuit+, further increasing your movement speed during and shortly after the ability.

Again focusing on Absol’s burst damage, you will want to select Psycho Cut as your Level 7 ability. Slowing opponents down on hit, and increasing your attack damage for three attacks once they have been hit, only adds to the devastating damage that you will be able to inflict on your opponents.

At Level 13, Psycho Cut+ increases your movement speed toward the affected opponent for a short while after the ability hits.

Best battle item for the Absol build in Pokémon Unite

Official Description: “Quickly moves your Pokémon in the designated direction.”

Enabling Absol to be as agile and ever-present as possible, the Eject Button allows you to quickly manoeuvre around the battlefield and support the other lanes. Using the Eject Button whilst moving towards your intended lane will also ensure that your abilities are not on cooldown before entering a fight.

Remember to use this item as often as possible in order to be an effective Jungler throughout the game. It can also be used as an emergency escape tool if things start going south. Still, keep in mind that this item is on a 55-second cooldown, so only use it when in a rush.

Best held items for the Absol build in Pokémon Unite

Official Description: “Increase the damage of basic attack critical hits. The higher the Pokémon’s attack, the more the damage increases.”

Scope Lens synergises very well with Absol. With high offense parameters, you will be making the most of the bonus that this item gives you. Not to mention that it goes hand-in-hand with your passive ability by increasing the damage of your already increased rate of critical hits.

Official Description: “When the Pokémon scores a goal, its attack increases by 12.”

As a Jungler, you will find yourself in the top and bottom lanes on a regular basis. Defeating Pokémon in the middle lane, as well as your opponents, will give you plenty of opportunities to score, and using the Attack Weight, you will find that your ability to burst down opponents gets easier and easier as the game progresses.

Official Description: “Increases movement speed by 20% when the Pokémon is not in combat.”

Another important item for Junglers in Pokémon Unite is the Float Stone. Whilst rotating around the various lanes of the map, speed is key to guarantee that you are present at the right places at the right time. This added movement speed ensures that you are never far away from the fight.

How to use the best Absol build in Pokémon Unite

By following this build, you will have one of the fastest, most powerful Speedsters in Pokémon Unite. With untouchable burst damage and incredible movement speed, opponents will not look forward to seeing you come in from the middle zone.

Your combo should look something like opening with Pursuit (trying to hit from behind), basic attack, Psycho Cut, basic attack, basic attack (to utilise your third attack buff). If for some reason your opponent is still standing, finish them off with another Pursuit.

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