Pokémon Unite: Best Machamp Build to Become a Mighty All-Rounder

Here, you’ll find how to create the best Machamp build in Pokémon Unite, resulting in an offense heavy, All-Rounder capable of effective damage output across the battlefield.

A marquee Pokémon who has been part of the franchise since the first generation, Machamp is one of the most recognisable Pokémon and is a solid pick in Pokémon Unite.

Machamp is part of the All-Rounder class, specialising in melee attacks and hindrance abilities. The following build will make the most out of Machamp’s kit and allow you to dominate in Pokémon Unite.

Before exploring the specifics of the whole build, here’s the breakdown of how to make the best Machamp build in Pokémon Unite:

  • Role: Any Lane Offence
  • First Move: Submission
  • Second Move: Close Combat
  • Battle Item: Eject Button
  • Held Items: Float Stone, Focus Band, Muscle Band

Optimum role of Machamp in Pokémon Unite

In order to optimise your Machamp build, press ZL in the pre-game lobby, bringing up the Battle Prep page. From here, you can select the items to use during the battle as well as direct your selected moves. This can also be done before entering the pre-game lobby via the Battle Prep section at the main menu.

Being part of the All-Rounder class, Machamp is capable of being effective at a number of different roles, but this build will be focusing on optimising its damage output in any lane.

With four-star offence, it is clear to see why building upon this high parameter is important to succeed with Machamp. Boasting two-and-a-half star endurance, mobility, and scoring, it won’t come as a surprise that Machamp is capable of being a solid choice in any team combination.

Optimum moveset of the Machamp build in Pokémon Unite

This Machamp build takes advantage of his abilities and is optimised to be effective at resisting hindrance, as well as inflicting it upon your enemies.

Its basic attack deals extra damage on the third hit and slows the target. The passive ability increases Machamp’s damage whilst afflicted by status conditions. Finally, the Unite move buffs movement speed, attack, and defence. When activated a second time, it unleashes a combo which displaces and damages nearby enemies.

  • Basic Attack: “Every third attack does extra damage and slows the opposing Pokémon.”
  • Passive Ability, Guts:“Increases damage output when afflicted by a status condition.”
  • Unite Move, Barrage Blow: “Supercharges Movement Speed, Attack, and Defence (physical and special). On second activation: Unleashes a combo attack that damages and displaces nearby opponents. The final blow deals an especially large amount of damage.”

Choosing your Level 5 move is not an easy decision, with both abilities being viable options, but with the addition of hindrance, Submission will be the go-to for this build.

By selecting Submission, you are adding to your hindrance abilities, increasing your damage output, and you gain a nice movement speed increase, too.

At Level 11, Submission+ increases your critical-hit rate as well as your basic attack speed, making your combos even quicker and harder to avoid.

The second ability choice at Level 7 is also a close one. However, Close Combat makes you immune to hindrances during the cast of the move and is more beneficial during a battle.

Close Combat channels several melee attacks together, so, provided that you are able to stay on target, it will deal massive amounts of damage – not to mention that the final blow of the ability will hit the hardest.

When you reach Level 13, you can upgrade to Close Combat+, which deals additional damage to opponents who have a status effect. As Machamp has crowd control abilities, this is very well suited to this build and will be a powerful ability to utilise.

Best battle item for the Machamp build in Pokémon Unite

Official Description: “Quickly moves your Pokémon in the designated direction.”

In order for Machamp to be effective across the map, it is important to be able to participate in any team-fights which may occur: using the Eject Button is an easy way to get to and from skirmishes.

Remember to use this item as often as possible when moving between lanes to ensure that your presence is known throughout the game.

It can also be used as an escape tool if you find yourself overwhelmed by the opposition and need to make a quick escape. Try to remember that this item is on a 55-second cooldown, so use it sparingly.

Best held items for the Machamp build in Pokémon Unite

Official Description: “When the Pokémon drops to low HP, then each second for three seconds, it recovers 14% of the HP it had lost.”

With the Focus Band, it is easy for Machamp to participate in skirmishes and become even more difficult to defeat. The healing that comes from this item means that you are able to get straight back into the fight when you drop to low HP and then fight again.

Official Description: “When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 3% of the opposing Pokémon’s remaining HP.”

Using Muscle Band for Machamp is a very good choice due to the quantity of basic attacks that you will be firing, whilst synergising well with Machamp’s passive ability. When combed with the Focus Band, it will increase your damage output by 15 and 7.5 percent, respectively, complementing the auto-attack-heavy approach.

Official Description: “Increases movement speed by 20% when the Pokémon is not in combat.”

In Pokémon Unite, manoeuvrability is essential. Having a Float Stone makes it easier to make your way around the battlefield and make your presence known in all lanes. Whilst this is a very welcome addition to the build, the additional attack bonus which comes with the Float Stone makes it a key component.

How to use the best Machamp build in Pokémon Unite

By following this build, you will be able to use your abilities to create a combo that continually inflicts hindrance on your opponents.

An auto-attack, Submission, auto-attack, Close Combat, auto-attack output will make the most out of all of your abilities and trigger your Passive Ability, inflicting devastating damage – not to mention that your Unite ability will finish anything that remains standing.

Josh Bukes

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