Pokémon Unite: Best Pikachu Build to Become a Surging Attacker

This guide will provide you with all that you need to defeat any and all opponents in Pokémon Unite using Pikachu – arguably the strongest Attacker in the game.

Not needing an introduction, Pikachu has been part of the Pokémon franchise since its very founding. Now, the Electric-Type Mouse Pokémon is the face of the franchise. In Pokémon Unite, Pikachu is a very strong, offence-minded pick and a viable option for any team composition.

Pikachu is part of the Attacker class, focusing on dealing high amounts of damage and inflicting hindrance on opponents, leaving them susceptible to even more damage whilst being unable to move.

Before going deeper into the build, here’s a quick look at how to make the best Pikachu build in Pokémon Unite:

  • Role: Top/Bottom Lane Sp. Atk Damage Dealer
  • First Move: Thunder
  • Second Move: Thunderbolt
  • Battle Item: Eject Button
  • Held Items: Shell Bell, Sp. Atk Specs, Wise Glasses

Optimum role of Pikachu in Pokémon Unite

To set up the best Pikachu build, press ZL in the pre-game lobby or open the Battle Prep section of the main menu – accessed by pressing X on the home screen.

Headlining the Attack class, Pikachu excels at skirmishes and team fights, being able to outduel any opponent. As well as having a very high damage output, Pikachu has hindrances in his abilities. So, the Pikachu build will not only make your opponents unable to move, but it will also leave them wondering where the HP has gone.

Pikachu has an astounding four-and-a-half star offence rating, proving again that it is very well-suited to its role as an Attacker. With two-and-a-half star mobility, Pikachu certainly isn’t a slouch, either, and is able to move around the map efficiently to be part of any conflicts that emerge.

Optimum moveset of the Pikachu build in Pokémon Unite

This Pikachu build has been constructed to truly maximise the amount of damage that you are able to inflict on your opponents, as well as hinder them in the process.

Being able to inflict an area-of-effect hindrance every eight seconds whilst dealing damage is so valuable in fights that may hinge on specific opponents being stun-locked. Not to mention that Pikachu’s Unite Move inflicts massive damage in an area-of-effect, which is sure to defeat, if not significantly weaken, your opponents

  • Basic Attack: “Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack, dealing increased damage. This boosted attack also paralyzes opposing Pokémon for a short time when it hits.”
  • Passive Ability, Static:“Paralyzes all opponents near the Pokémon for a short time when the Pokémon receives damage. This ability goes on cooldown after it’s triggered.”
  • Unite Move, Thunderstorm: “Attacks the opposing team’s Pokémon near the user with tremendous bolts of lightning.”

Dealing damage is the main aim of the game when it comes to playing the Pikachu build. While Electro Ball adds more crowd control to the build, we want to focus on the damage output of this Pokémon. So, Thunder is the better option due to the area-of-effect and potential of damaging more than one opponent at a time.

At Level 11, Thunder+ increases the number of times that the ability strikes during the time that it is active, further increasing Thunder’s damage.

Again focusing on the potential damage output, Thunderbolt deals area-of-effect damage to opposing Pokémon and leaves them unable to act.

Whilst the damage this ability inflicts is enough to give it the nod for this build, the fact that it also hinders opponents and allows either you or your allies to follow up makes it a must-have.

At Level 13, Thunderbolt+ increases the damage of this ability even further.

Best battle item for the Pikachu build in Pokémon Unite

Official Description: “Quickly moves your Pokémon in the designated direction.”

There are many options that you could take for Pikachu’s battle item, but offering flexibility in the way that it is used, whether defensively or offensively, the Eject Button is the best of the lot.

Being such a high damage dealer comes with its downfalls, and a low health pool is one of the drawbacks. Having the Eject Button can really help in situations where you would otherwise lose a fight, as you can leave the scene, heal, and then get right back into the fight.

Still, you should exercise some caution as the Eject Button is on a 55-second cooldown, and so, will need to be used sparingly.

Best held items for the Pikachu build in Pokémon Unite

Official Description: “Increases Sp. Atk by 7%.”

In order for this build to function correctly, it is important to try and get Pikachu’s Sp. Atk rating as high as possible. Due to a peak seven per cent increase in the Sp. Atk statistic, the Wise Glasses are nothing short of essential to your success when using this Pikachu build in Pokémon Unite.

Official Description: “When the Pokémon scores a goal, its Sp. Atk increases by 16.”

Again, increasing Pikachu’s Sp. Atk is what we’re doing in this build. Due to the number of points that you will be getting, it is essential to score goals as often as possible, allowing you to get the most out of the Sp. Atk Specs.

Official Description: “When the Pokémon hits with a move, it recovers a minimum of 75 HP. The higher the Pokémon’s Sp. Atk, the more HP it recovers.”

Stacking excellently with Pikachu’s high Sp. Atk parameters, the Shell Bell is a solid option to take into battle. When you add in the fact that it recovers HP in unison with your Sp. Atk, and the other suggested battle items, you will almost be healing up as much damage as you are taking.

How to use the best Pikachu build in Pokémon Unite

In order to utilise the Pikachu build correctly, it is important to play the role of Attacker efficiently and effectively: attempting to keep your opponents at a distance whilst using abilities and basic attacks to chip away at their health bar.

Your combo after this would be to paralyse your opponent with your basic attacks, and then it is your chance to use abilities in order to try and eliminate them. Land another basic attack, follow up with Thunderbolt to keep them stunned, and then hit them with another basic attack before using Thunder. At the end of Thunder, basic attack again for yet another paralyse.

If at any point the fight begins to turn against you, remember that your Unite Move, Thunderstorm, deals massive amounts of damage and can deter or defeat any opponents that are beating you in the fight. This move can easily turn the tide of a fight, and if it comes to it, remember that you can either gap-close or disengage using your Eject Button.

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