Public Relations Anime to be Released on Battle of Sekigahara

Japan's most famous battle will receive a public relations anime featuring voice actor Shunichi Toki.

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Japan’s most famous battle, the Battle of Sekigahara, will receive its own public relations anime simply named The Battle of Sekigahara. The city of Tarui announced the production. Voice actor Shunicihi Toki will join the cast according to a report from Anime News Network.

The Battle of Sekigahara took place in what is now Gifu Prefecture and was the decisive battle that led to the creation of the famed Tokugawa shogunate after defeating Toyotomi loyalists. It was also the largest battle of feudal Japan.

The story of The Battle of Sekigahara

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According to the report, the story will focus on two generals (Takenaka Shigekado and Tamehiro Hiratsuka) who were comrades in service of the Toyotomi’s, but enemies during the historical battle. The anime will focus on each man’s relationship with Toyotomi military strategist Hideyoshi.

In addition to Toki, The Battle of Sekigahara will employ Tetsuo Owada, a professor emeritus of medieval Japanese history from Shizuoka University, for historical research. The project will be coordinated by Pony Canyon, the group behind Sanrio Boys and Kuromukuro. It is set to release February 2022.

For all the historical buffs, this is sure to hit the spot. Ieyasu is well-known throughout the world because of the shogunate he created, and the samurai are some of history’s greatest warriors. Regardless of your knowledge of this time in Japan, The Battle of Sekigahara should prove to be one of the more fascinating anime releases of 2022.

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