Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart: Cold Snap (Cold Front)

See more about the Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart weapon known as the ‘Cold Snap,’ as well as its final form, the Cold Front.

Cold Snap / Cold Front

While it’s one of many weapons available for Ratchet and Rivet to buy, the Cold Snap is among a small set of attack options that aim to stop enemies in their tracks.

Available at the Vendor (located by going to the green icons on each map), the Cold Snap can be purchased past the halfway point in the game, needing to be levelled up to unveil more of its upgrades.

Cold Snap Official Description

“Who wants an enemy-sicle??! Freeze your opponents solid with a close-range blast of cold air!”

Cold Front Official Description

“Freezes enemies with a close-range blast of cold air, and leaves behind a cloud of gas that freezes anyone who enters it.”

Cold Snap Controls

  • Full-pull L2 to show the aiming arc.
  • Full-pull R2 to fire.

How to Unlock and Upgrade the Cold Snap

The Cold Snap becomes available as a part of the eighth wave of weapons in the game, just after the likes of the Glove of Doom and Buzz Blades, but before the Warmonger.

It’ll cost you 20,000 bolts at the Vendor. Should you want to apply an upgrade to the Cold Snap, you’ll need to spend one piece of Raritanium per upgrade.

You can unlock more upgrades for the Cold Snap as you use it, which, in turn, levels up the weapon. At Level 5, it’ll become the Cold Front, and all of its upgrades will be made available.

Cold Snap Parameters

  • Power: 0 out of 5
  • Range: 2 out of 5
  • Speed: 2 out of 5
  • Stun: 5 out of 5

Cold Snap / Cold Front Upgrades

Once you have the Level 5 form of the Cold Snap, the Cold Front, you’ll have access to all 36 upgrades that can be purchased with Raritanium. To get the three gold upgrades, you’ll need to unlock all of the blue upgrades that surround the gold cells.

Blue upgrade tiles:

  • Bonus Bolts x10 (frozen enemies drop more bolts)
  • Cloud Duration x4 (increase ice cloud duration)
  • Freeze Duration x6 (increases the duration of freeze effect)
  • Area of Effect x6 (increase area of effect)
  • Damage Multiplier x10 (enemies encased in ice take additional damage)

Gold upgrade tiles:

  • Max Ammo x1 (increase max ammo by 2)
  • Shatter Explosion x1 (shattering a frozen enemy fires shards of ice in every direction)
  • Max Ammo x1 (increase max ammo by 1)

Level 5 Cold Snap (Cold Front)

Once you’ve used the Cold Snap enough to get to Level 5 and have spent 36 Raritanium to get all of the upgrades, you’ll have a 100 per cent complete Cold Front. This weapon boasts full bars for the parameters of Cloud Duration, Area of Effect, Damage Multiplier, Freeze Duration, and Bonus Bolts.

The Cold Front’s sole purpose is to stop enemies in their tracks. This allows you to fire at will with a different weapon while not taking damage from the frozen foes. While the single-shot nature of the weapon means that you need to select your first target carefully, the Shatter Explosion upgrade and ice cloud allow the Cold Front to affect more than one enemy with one shot.

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