Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart: Topiary Sprinkler (Toxiary Sprinkler)

Find details about the Topiary Sprinkler and its Level 5 form, the Toxiary Sprinkler, from Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart on this page.

Topiary Sprinkler / Toxiary Sprinkler

The Topiary Sprinkler becomes available as a part of the fourth wave of weapons that can be purchased for Ratchet and Rivet, transforming into the Toxiary Sprinkler at Level 5.

You’ll need to go to the Vendor to buy the Topiary Sprinkler, which is marked by a green icon on the map. Once you’ve used the weapon enough for it to level-up, you’ll be able to upgrade it at the Vendor.

Topiary Sprinkler Official Description

“Have you ever wondered if your enemies would look better as tasteful garden sculptures of the unmoving variety? Wonder no more!”

Toxiary Sprinkler Official Description

“Deploys a sprinkler that turns enemies into topiaries, and sprays them with acid that deals continuous damage while they are enshrubbed.”

Topiary Sprinkler Controls

  • Half-pull R2 to project the throw arc.
  • Full-pull R2 to throw the Sprinkler.

How to Unlock and Upgrade the Topiary Sprinkler

Alongside the Ricochet, the Topiary Sprinkler is part of the fourth wave of weapons available at the Vendor. To get the Topiary Sprinkler, you’ll need to pay 4,000 bolts.

To upgrade the Topiary Sprinkler, you’ll also need to go to the Vendor. At Level 5, which you can reach by using the weapon, there’ll be 45 blue upgrade cells to buy for one Raritanium each.

Topiary Sprinkler Parameters

  • Power: 0 out of 5
  • Range: 3 out of 5
  • Speed: 1 out of 5
  • Stun: 4 out of 5

Topiary Sprinkler / Toxiary Sprinkler Upgrades

There is a total of 45 upgrades that you can purchase for the Toxiary Sprinkler, with more becoming available as you level-up the Topiary Sprinkler. The blue cells cost one Raritanium apiece, but the three clusters of gold upgrades are unlocked by purchasing the surrounding tiles.

Blue upgrade tiles:

  • Effect Duration x10 (topiaries last longer)
  • Sprinkler Lifetime x13 (increase sprinkler lifetime)
  • Effect Radius x12 (increase initial splash radius)
  • Bonus Damage x10 (topiary enemies take additional damage)

Gold upgrade tiles:

  • Health on Death x2 (enemies killed have a chance to drop healing Nanotech)
  • Max Deployable x3 (an additional Sprinkler can be deployed at the same time)
  • Max Ammo x3 (increase max ammo by 2)

Level 5 Topiary Sprinkler (Toxiary Sprinkler)

Levelling up the Topiary Sprinkler to Level 5 is just a case of using the weapon against enemies. Do this enough, and it’ll become the Toxiary Sprinkler, which has 45 upgrade tiles that you can purchase with Raritanium.

With all of the upgrades unlocked for the Toxiary Sprinkler, it’ll be marked as 100 per cent complete, granting it full bars for Effect Duration, Sprinkler Lifetime, Effect Radius, and Bonus Damage.

The Toxiary Sprinkler is a stun weapon, but doesn’t deal damage until it reaches Level 5. In the meantime, it’s best used in conjunction with a weapon that deals damage directly or by spawning a support.

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