Roblox Specter: How to Find Fingerprints

Not sure where to look to acquire Fingerprints as evidence in Specter on Roblox? Here’s what you need to know.

Fingerprints are one of the few types of evidence that don’t strictly require you to use a tool to find, with them being spotted on windows and light switches.

Still, if you don’t quite know where to look or what you’re looking for, Fingerprints evidence is very easy to miss in Specter.

So, here’s where you need to look to spot Fingerprints, how to potentially coax a ghost into placing fingerprints, and what ghost types can create Fingerprints evidence.

How to find Fingerprints in Specter

To find Fingerprints in Specter, you need to go into the ghost room and to the windows and light switches, looking for a distinct single thumbprint, as shown above.

In order to know where to look for the Fingerprints, you’ll first need to know how to identify the ghost room. So, you’ll need to take your EMF Reader and wait for it to buzz up from the single green light.

As well as the EMF Reader, it’s a good idea to take a torch with you, just in case the ghost takes out the power or the room’s light switch.

Once you’ve spotted the Fingerprints on a light switch or window, you can open the Journal (J), go to the Ghost Report page, and enter ‘Fingerprints’ as a piece of evidence.

How to guarantee Fingerprints in Specter

Sometimes, the Fingerprints won’t be present in the ghost room from the start of the game, so you can end up waiting a while for the ghost to become more active.

That said, some telltale signs indicate the placement of Fingerprints, and there’s a way to try to make the ghost leave the evidence.

The first aspect that you’ll want to take note of is the knocking sound. Whenever you hear a knocking in the ghost room, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be able to spot Fingerprints on that room’s window.

Furthermore, you can use the Spirit Box to ask the ghost: “Can you turn on the lights?” If the ghost responds and turns off the lights, it can leave behind Fingerprints. However, it won’t always do this, so it’s worth trying a few times.

Which ghosts give Fingerprints evidence in Specter?

Five of Roblox Specter’s ghost types will leave Fingerprints as evidence, with those five being:

  • Banshee: Fingerprints, EMF-5, and Freezing evidence.
  • Poltergeist: Fingerprints, Communication, and Orbs evidence.
  • Revenant: Fingerprints, EMF-5, and Writing evidence.
  • Spirit: Fingerprints, Communication, and Writing evidence.
  • Wraith: Fingerprints, Communication, and Freezing.

There you have it: to find Fingerprints in Specter, you need to check the windows and light switches of the ghost room – especially if you hear the knocking sound.

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