Roblox Specter: How to Use the Book

Trying to figure out if you’re after a ghost that’ll give you Writing evidence in the Book? Here’s how you use the Book in the Roblox game Specter.

Of all of the ways to collect evidence in Specter on Roblox, the Book can be the most frustrating. It’s the tool that can give you the Writing evidence, but its hands-off nature can leave you wondering if you’ve used it correctly.

Here, you’ll find a step-by-step guide for how to use the Book in Specter, as well as which ghosts it provides evidence for, and how to get the Book in your loadout.

How to use the Book in Specter

To use the Book in Specter, you need to:

  1. When in the Van, press F to pick-up the Book and add it to your inventory;
  2. Find the ghost room by using the EMF Reader or Thermometer;
  3. In the ghost room, press the key bind (1/2/3) to equip the Book to your hand;
  4. Look at the ground and place the Book on the floor (left-click);
  5. Wait for the pages of the Book to change from blank to scribbled;
  6. Press F to pick-up the Book and secure Writing evidence;
  7. Press J to open your Journal, go to the Ghost Report page, and input ‘Writing.’

You need to make sure that you place the Book by left-clicking rather than pressing the drop button. Dropping the Book will not activate the tool, meaning that you won’t get any Writing evidence.

After placing the Book, you can stay or leave the ghost room. Staying, even with your Torch and the light on, is fine. If the ghost can produce Writing evidence, it will do so while you’re there in around two to three minutes after you’ve placed the Book. You can also just leave the placed Book, explore, and come back for it later.

Picking up the Book after it has writing on it places it back into your inventory. Don’t put the Book back out as sometimes this can erase the pages and evoke the finding of the evidence – not that it matters to your Ghost Report entry.

Which ghosts give Writing evidence in a Book in Specter?

Six different ghost types can write in a placed Book in Specter, with those ghosts being:

  • Demon: Writing, Communication, and Freezing evidence.
  • Oni: Writing, Communication, and EMF-5 evidence.
  • Revenant: Writing, EMF-5, and Fingerprints evidence.
  • Shade: Writing, Orbs, and EMF-5 evidence.
  • Spirit: Writing, Fingerprints, and Communication evidence.
  • Yurei: Writing, Orbs, and Freezing evidence.

With these Writing evidence ghost types, three also trigger EMF-5 evidence, two give Freezing evidence, and two leave Fingerprints as evidence.

So, if you get Writing evidence, keep your EMF-5 out, look to windows and light switches for Fingerprints, and keep an eye on your character’s breath – which is easier to see in the dark with torchlight.

How to get a Book in Specter

To get a Book in your inventory in Specter, you need to:

  1. From the Roblox Specter home screen, select Shop, and then Items;
  2. In the Item Shop, click on ‘Book’ and then the purchase button to get one Book for $75;
  3. Set-up a game under the Play tab;
  4. In the Lobby, press the ‘Add’ button and make sure that the Book option is set to 1;
  5. Press Ready and start the game;
  6. In the Van, go to the bench under the scoreboard, look to the right side, and press F to pick-up the Book;
  7. Now, the Book will be in your inventory, with you needing to press 1, 2, or 3 to equip the tool.

Now you know everything that there is to getting and using the Book to find Writing evidence in Specter on Roblox.

Ben Chopping

Will give almost any game a chance, particularly those that include wildlife, monsters, or prehistoric creatures of any kind.

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