Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos: Best Produce Prices at Market Stall of Intori Village

Trying to work out when to put your fruit and vegetables up for sale in Intori Village? Here’s what you need to know.

As you begin to bring in more gems and rebuild Intori Village with the help of Griff and his Workshop, more people will move in to expand what you can do before venturing into the wilds.

The Market Stall, owned by Bridget, is one of the first new stores to pop-up in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos, with it serving as a way for you to sell produce.

Prices vary each day, with Bridget telling you that they work on a supply-and-demand valuation. So, to help you make the most of the coins on offer, here’s everything that you need to know to try to get the best value from selling produce in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos.

How to unlock the Market Stall in Rogue Heroes

Unlike most service buildings in Intori Village, you don’t need to pay gems to Griff to directly build the Market Stall. Instead, it comes after you’ve reached a set point of progression in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos.

Having built some stores to fuel your adventures and upgrade your character, and after a few deaths in the dungeons, Griff’s Workshop will show a small yellow exclamation mark, indicating a new task for you to complete.

After talking to Griff, you’ll learn that new villagers want to come to Intori Village, but to get them to arrive, you’ll need to build a House block. It costs 100 gems, and you can place the House in almost any space.

Having built the first House block to welcome in the new villagers, you’ll soon find a strange new stall in the village square, near the portal.

How to use the Market Stall in Rogue Heroes

To use the Market Stall and sell produce, you’ll need to approach the front and open the Shop (press X). The next screen shows your relevant inventory and four slots that you can populate with sale items.

You can place up to four different produce types for sale at once, with a maximum stack of ten per slot. At the bottom of the screen, produce values are shown, indicating the maximum value of each fruit or vegetable.

So, to sell your produce, you need to navigate to the items that you want to sell and then put them into the Sales Display by moving one (A) or the maximum (X) of each. Next, exit the screen (B) to lock-in your choices.

Once the produce is on display, however, it cannot be removed. So, with that and the values feature, timing is everything to find the best produce prices at the Market Stall.

How to get the best produce prices in Rogue Heroes

To see how quickly produce values appreciate and what influences price drops, we took a sample of 20 in-game days to track value increases and decreases. The image above shows the initial produce prices from the first interaction with the Market Stall in this playthrough.

In the image below, you can see the produce values 20 days, or 20 deaths, down the line, with each day in between showing positive value changes to at least one item. You’ll notice that all produce values increase over this time, but at different rates.

As told by Bridget, it’s a supply-and-demand business; so, the longer you wait, the more valuable the produce becomes. Some of the values slowed in their appreciation significantly as time passed, though.

Corn stood at 20 for the last eight days of the simulation, and Apples were valued at 29 for each of the last four days. The others showed value appreciation on at least one day of the remaining four days of this simulation sample.

Carrots, Potatoes, and Coconuts proved to be the highest in value and the fastest-growing in value, making them the best targets for anyone looking to sell for the best produce prices.

Being based on supply-and-demand, the produce values decline when you sell items. In this simulation, it has been surmised that each single item sold reduces the value on the next, even if you have several stacked in the Sales Display.

In this simulation, five Carrots, three Potatoes, and one Cabbage sold for 467 coins, but at their initial produce values, they would have brought in 540 coins had the values upheld with each item sold.

Due to the way that the prices decline with each sale, as opposed to each day, the way to get the best produce prices in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos would appear to be to only sell one of each at a time. Then, you can wait for the price to top-up and repeat.

Furthermore, if you do want to bulk sell, waiting for values to climb to the heights shown in above images gives plenty of cushion between each devaluation to enable a good stack of coins for each one sold.

Given that the primary use for coins is to open golden chests in dungeons in exchange for gems – the most important currency of Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos – selling single produce at a high value should be enough to see you through each day.

How to get more produce to sell in Rogue Heroes

Once you’ve built your Farm, and completed the side quest to acquire farming tools, you’ll be able to plant and grow all of the produce that can be sold at the Market Stall.

Doing this will grant you the Seed Bag, which collects and stores your seeds from any wild crops that you slash.

Another method of acquiring the produce to sell is to buy seeds and grow them on your Farm. You can buy batches of seeds from Intori Provisions once you’ve commissioned Griff to build the General Store.

In the shop, you can buy Corn Seeds for 15 gems, Tomato Seeds for 25 games, and Apple Tree Seeds for 140 gems.

To equip different seeds to your Seed Bag for use, bring up the menu (+), scroll to ‘Equip’ (L/R), navigate to the Seed Bag, and then press A to ‘Select Seeds,’ pressing A again to select the new seed that you want to plant.

Other than that, as is the case for seed collecting, you’ll encounter many wild produce patches while out on your quests: you just need to be sure to whack them with your sword to gather the items.

The best produce prices in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos depend on how long you’re willing to wait, but to get the best price for each item, it’s best to sell them one at a time.

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