Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos: Open the Rusted Barn Door, Kezar Fist & Farm Equipment Guide

Need to get past the rusted barn door and pick-up some farming equipment? Here’s how to get the Kezar Fist to get you into the barn.

Throughout the early stages of Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos, you’ll encounter seemingly unbreakable rocks, sculptures to be destroyed, immovable objects, and even see rumours of a mighty glove in the tips.

While you can go out and find this mythical glove without prompting, it does tie into a side quest given when you expand Intori Village to create the Farm.

With the Farm requiring you to have the glove known as the ‘Kezar Fist,’ this guide will run through where to find the Kezar Fist, where to find and how to open the rusted barn, and how to get the farm equipment.

How to get the Farm in Rogue Heroes

Getting the Farm for Intori Village is quite simple but very expensive. You’ll need to go into Griff’s Workshop to commission the construction of the Farm, which will cost a massive 400 gems to complete.

However, once you’ve left the Workshop and strolled over to your Farm, you’ll find that you can’t grow anything yet.

After speaking to the nearby farmer, Grant, you’ll learn that you need to acquire a Shovel and a Watering Can. Grant will also give you the Seed Bag tool, enabling you to store seeds that you come across in the wild.

The farmer informs you that there’s a Watering Can in an old barn nearby, which is shut behind a rusted door. So, you’ll need a special tool to get inside.

As shown on the map above, the old barn isn’t far away, but you’ll need the Kezar Fist to enter, as well as a Shovel to plant seeds on your Farm after also getting the Watering Can.

How to get the tools for the Farm in Rogue Heroes

To get the Shovel for the Farm and be set on the side quest to find the Kezar Fist, you’ll need to talk to Nik in Nik’s Lab. He’ll tell you that there’s an ancient glove in the Temple of the Kezar, in the Falls area of the map.

Before you leave, you’ll need to buy two items. The first is the Shovel, for which you’ll need six Zap Core and five Bat Wing – which can be harvested from Zap Jelly and Bats.

More importantly, for getting to the Kezar Fist, you’ll need the Bomb Bag. It costs six Bone Shard and four Grazer Horn, which are dropped by defeated Skulletons and Grazers. The Bombs are necessary for getting to the Temple of the Kezar.

Once you have the Bomb Bag, you can set off to get the Kezar Fist which will, in turn, grant access to the Watering Can. If you’re short on materials for the Shovel, you’ll need to delve into the dungeon.

Where to find the Kezar Fist in Rogue Heroes

The Temple of the Kezar is in the northern area of the Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos map, atop the waterfalls that flow into the lake to the east.

From Intori Village, venture out via the eastward path. Stay on the path as it takes you east and then north. When you meet the crossroads leading north or east to cross a bridge, continue north.

Keep heading north, and the path will guide you over the right bridge. On the other side of the bridge, leave the path and follow the west bank of the lake, Ambrose Lake, continuing north until you stumble across three statues.

Press L or R to navigate to your Bombs and then press ZR to place a few Bombs around the statues, and then step back.

With the statues removed, stay on the same level (don’t take the steps) and go westwards, into the cave door by the waterfall. Coming out on the other side, you’ll follow the zigzag path up the waterfall, going through a couple more caves on the way up.

Once you’ve defeated and gone beyond the two Skulleton guards, the next cave will be the entrance to the Temple of the Kezar.

Here, you’ll have to push the right slab at the back of the room to the right, and then make your way through the temple.

You’ll fight your way through many one-way rooms, but eventually, the area will open up to a hall of waterfalls. In one of the chests in the middle of the room, you’ll find the Kezar Fist.

Now that you have the Kezar Fist, you can smash rock formations, such as those blocking the other sliding entrance seen earlier in the temple, as well as the familiar clay statues.

Following the door to the east of the Kezar Fist room will see you back to the entrance.

How to open the rusted barn door in Rogue Heroes

Malmos Farm, where you’ll find the Watering Can and rusty old barn, is found to the south of the Temple of Kezar by following the lake to the first bridge and then tracking southeast.

At the Farm, you’ll see a big red barn. To open the rusted barn door, scroll with L and R to equip the Kezar Fist, and then press ZR to bash the door. Next, go to the left side of the rusted door, and push it open.

In the old rusted barn, the first thing that you’ll see is the Watering Can. Picking it up will prompt you to complete the ‘Acquire Farm Equipment’ side quest by talking to Grant if you have a Shovel as well.

Now that you’ve found the Kezar Fist and used it, you can return to the farmer with the Shovel and Watering Can to start farming in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos!

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