Rogue Heroes Ruins of Tasos: Solve the Cemetery Puzzle, Ghost Town and Mausoleum Guide

With the key to enter the Undead-swarmed graveyard, you’ll need to solve the puzzle to enter the dungeon and rescue the trapped spirits.

There’s much more to the world of Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos than tackling the main dungeon that you’ve progressed to in the story.

You’ll come across several characters in the wilds, most of whom will send you off on a side quest. By venturing into Ghost Town, you’ll be set on a quest that gets you into the Sorrowfield Cemetery and the Mausoleum dungeon.

So, here’s everything that you need to know about getting the key to the graveyard, solving the cemetery puzzle, and venturing into the Mausoleum.

How to get the key to Sorrowfield Cemetery in Rogue Heroes

Found along the path heading east of Malmos Farm, where you open the rusted barn door, Sorrowfield Cemetery is shrouded in fog and kept behind a black locked gate.

To get the key for the graveyard, you’ll need to take the path south and turn in westwards to enter the abandoned village known as Ghost Town.

Outside of the house indicated by the player marker on the map above, you’ll encounter a ghost by the name of Marcus.

They’ll inform you that the spirits of their family are trapped in the Mausoleum (which is in Sorrowfield Cemetery) and tell you where the graveyard key is hidden.

Luckily, the key isn’t far. It’s buried in the plot just to the left of Marcus. Clear the section and look for the ‘X’ on the ground. Next, equipped your shovel (R/L) and press ZR to dig up the cemetery key.

How to solve the Sorrowfield Cemetery puzzle

Once you have the key, leave Ghost Town via its eastern approach and follow the path north to return to Sorrowfield Cemetery.

As soon as you enter, you’ll begin to be mobbed by the Undead, with the zombie creatures being able to continually emerge from the ground to hunt you down.

Following the path around to the east and then northwards will take you to the Mausoleum entrance, which recites a riddle. Dotted around the graveyard are six alters which read different sections of this riddle.

To open the Mausoleum, you must solve the Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos cemetery puzzle by lighting the alters in the correct order, with that order being:

  • In the dark of night,
  • When fire’s light,
  • Cast shadow onto stone
  • The flame endures,
  • Unseals the door,
  • And the world below is known.

On the map below, you can see where to find the graveyard alters and the order that you need to light them to solve the puzzle:

To activate each of these alters, you’ll need to equip your Lamp (L/R) and then press ZR while facing towards the front of the structure. It will glow when lit, but can be extinguished by a wayward sword swing.

Once all six alters are lit in order, the doors to the Mausoleum dungeon will open. To enter, though, you’ll need to surrender all of your gems.

How to save the spirits of Marcus’ family

The Mausoleum dungeon only has one path, with each room being populated by several enemies and some sarcophagi to pry open.

In this playthrough, the first spirit was found on Floor 4, the second on Floor 8, and the final spirit on Floor 12, after you have vanquished the Mausoleum boss, Necrosaur.

To defeat Necrosaur, you’ll need to dodge its waves of fireballs and then leap in to slash at the boss’ heart when its rib cage opens between attacks.

Having defeated the Necrosaur, you’ll get even more gems and will meet Agustus. The final spirit will tell you to return to Ghost Town to collect your reward.

Making this side quest even more worthwhile, speaking to the ghost of Marcus again will grant you the Reaper’s Thread, which is needed to unlock the powerful Reaper Class from the Rusty Needle tailor shop.

Now you know how to get into the graveyard, how to solve the cemetery puzzle, and how to complete the Ghost Town side quest in Rogue Heroes: Ruins of Tasos.

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