Round4Round Boxing Re-Emerges with a New Licensed Heavyweight

After months of inactivity, the team behind Round4Round Boxing has given us a couple of updates.

31 December 2019. That was the last time that we heard anything about the upcoming boxing game Round4Round Boxing.

The announcement on New Year’s Eve was that Wicked Witch would be joining the team to develop the game, with that being the first news since August 2019.

So, over the last year or so, Round4Round Boxing has been rather poor at communicating. However, that looks to be changing now.

A new look at Round4Round arenas

On 20 June, Round4Round re-emerged all of a sudden with a post across its social media accounts.

The announcement showcased one of the game’s arenas, which looks very impressive, as well as hints at much more regular communications.

In the posts, the team said that periodic game updates, behind the scenes progress information, and new boxer announcements are on the way.

A little over a week later, Round4Round made good on their promise.

Round4Round brings in Joseph Parker

The first heavyweight world champion to hail from New Zealand, currently standing 27-2, Joseph Parker is a grand edition to the Round4Round Boxing roster.

Still only 24-years-old when he danced his way around Andy Ruiz Jr to claim the vacant WBO World heavyweight title in 2016, Parker had built up a reputation as a fast-moving, defence-driven heavyweight.

He defended the title twice before his big unification fight with Anthony Joshua, in which all three of the major belts that Tyson Fury won in 2015 – and subsequently vacated – were on the line.

The Kiwi went the distance with Joshua and Dillian Whyte, and even though both bouts ended in UD losses, Parker certainly enhanced his standing with many British fight fans.

Since then, the former heavyweight champion known for outlasting his foes has tallied three wins within the rounds to rank second in the WBO, sixth in the WBC, and eighth in the IBF rankings.

So, June ended on a high for followers of Round4Round Boxing; hopefully, the updates keep coming.

Ben Chopping

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