Shark Action-RPG Game Maneater Release Date and Platforms Announced

Later this year, you’ll be able to play as a man-eating shark in TripWire Interactive’s Maneater.

Image Source: Epic

Way back in June 2018, TripWire Interactive announced their upcoming single-player, action-RPG title Maneater. Expected to be released in 2019, the publishers have now announced the brand new and official Maneater release date. As one of the most highly-anticipated upcoming wildlife-themed games, the announcement of Maneater’s release date and the platforms that it’s coming to was met with much fanfare. 

The release date for Maneater across all of its release platforms has now been set as 22 May 2020. But what is Maneater about, and what platforms will you be able to play Maneater on? 

What is Maneater?

Maneater is a single-player action role-playing game in which the player takes on the role of a shark. It looks to be a rather comedic, tongue-in-cheek mix with its wildlife programme-esque narration combined with man-eating action. 

Appearing to be set in multiple open worlds with adventure and exploration elements, Maneater takes place over seven regions, each of which has its own story and environment. From cities to beaches, docks to swamps, you’ll be on the hunt for humans and other animals in them all.

As the shark, you’ll be able to unleash carnage from within the water, while breaching and performing acrobatic moves in midair, and by beaching yourself to get at those who think they’re safe by the shore. However, each area has its own apex predator, playing as the boss of the region. Players will also have to contend with humans who hunt sharks.

The game is also said to require strategy, and you’ll need to grow before you can eat everything and anything within a region. Starting as a baby bull shark, you then grow in stages, from baby to adult to senior to mega. As is the case in RPGs, you’ll be able to customise – in this case, custom evolve – elements of your shark, from its teeth to its tail. Some of these customisations result in bizarre genetic mutations that you can use to help hunt your prey.

There have been many old flash games and current mobile games, such as Hungry Shark Evolution, in which you play as a shark eating progressively larger creatures to become a bigger and better shark. Maneater, however, looks to be much more in-depth with more elements to its gameplay. 

The inclusion of several areas, story elements, action, adventure, exploration, and customisations have Maneater set-up as one of the most exciting-looking shark games ever made. The scope of the project certainly expands the theme from a relatively mindless bit of fun to a full gaming experience. 

What platforms will Maneater be on?

Maneater is coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store for PC gamers as well as the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One for console gamers. The game was originally aligned as a PC-only release, so it’s great to see that console gamers will, in fact, be able to indulge in the thrills of being a man-eating shark on 22 May 2020.

There is a Steam page up for Maneater, suggesting that it may come to Valve’s PC launcher. However, PC Gamer reported that Epic brought the indie game in-house in 2018, so the competing store likely won’t grant Maneater a Steam release for at least a year. 

Maneater will most likely only be a digital release when it comes out on 22 May 2020 and can already be pre-purchased for £27.99 on the Epic Games Store. The announcement of Maneater coming to the Nintendo Switch was accompanied by the news that it will be available via the Nintendo eShop, further supporting the digital-only release theory.

If it lives up to its billing, Maneater could be one of the surprise packages of 2020 and potentially a major coup for Epic Games in the PC launcher war. 

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