Snoop Dogg Comes to NHL 20 as a Commentator and World of Chel Player

Snoop Dogg hits the ice as the first celebrity guest in NHL 20.

Legendary rapper Snoop Dogg has laced up his skates, taped up his stick, and hit the ice in NHL 20. So now everyone’s wondering how to get Snoop Dogg in NHL 20.

Not only is the pop-culture icon from Long Beach, California featuring as a player on the ice, but he’ll also be in the booth to add his unique style of commentary to the game.

Snoop Dogg joins the NHL 20 commentary team

Coming into NHL 20, many fans were happy to hear that the game was moving on from the commentary team of Eddie Olczyk and Doc Emerick along with the always-skipped NBC game presentations. NHL 20 kept Ray Ferraro on board, promoting him from being ‘Inside-the-Glass’ to co-commentator, and brought in the more lively James Cybulski.

Switching up the commentary team from two famous voices of NBC Sports almost certainly freed up some of the budget for NHL 20. It seems as though there was also a little bit of room left to pencil in some celebrity appointments.

Snoop Dogg is now joining James Cybulski as his co-commentator. The commentary is fun and lively, stepping up the developer’s hopes of making the experience more exciting and engaging for its players this season.

Snoop Dogg has his own team in NHL 20 World of Chel

Snoop Dogg has taken over the World of Chel, coming in with his own team to take on the hockey clubs of California. Being from California himself, Snoop dons a Long Beach jersey with his name stitched across the front.

In World of Chel, you can take on a series of Pro-Am games to claim rewards and play alongside Snoop Dogg. In ‘Snoop’s California Road Trip,’ players faceoff against the San Jose Sharks, Anaheim Ducks, and Los Angeles Kings.

Once you’ve found Snoop’s featured competition, by pressing LB or RB to reach the three-game series in Pro-Am, you’ll see that you can join Snoop Dogg’s team in NHL 20.

As you would assume, Snoop is still the star of the show and is nestled in at center. So, if you want to play alongside the rap star, you’ll want to set up on the wing, in defence, or as the goaltender.

During the promotional period in World of Chel, you can win several great Snoop Dogg items, including customised home and away Snoop jerseys for completing two drop-in games and three Snoop Dogg games, respectively.

There is also a hoodie, a cap, a snood, and the special Snoop Dogg Dance Goal Celebration so that your World of Chel star can park it like it’s hot.

It should have been expected that Snoop Dogg wouldn’t merely join NHL 20 as a commentator. The rapper brings with him plenty of items to be earned in NHL 20 World of Chel and his likeness as a player, continuing his line of video game appearances.

Snoop Dogg in video games

Snoop Dogg coming to NHL 20 marks a long-awaited return for the rapper in video games, with his last appearance coming in 2013. Much like Snoop’s role in NHL 20, he came in as a multiplayer commentator in Call of Duty: Ghosts as a part of a DLC.

Before Call of Duty: Ghosts, Snoop Dogg also starred in the rhythm-action adventure game Way of the Dogg which is set to the beats of the California-native’s music. In 2012, he came into the fighter Tekken Tag Tournament 2, creating the track ‘Knocc ‘Em Down’ for the game and featuring in the background of his own arena, The Snoop Dogg Stage.

His first ever video game appearance came in the classic open-world cop game True Crime: Streets of LA, in which Snoop had his own mission, car, and was an unlockable character voiced by the rapper himself. The appearance in the California-set game in 2003 was quickly followed by another, this time with the game set on the other side of the United States. 

In Def Jam: Fight for NY, Snoop Dogg appeared alongside a slew of big-name rappers of the time, including Redman, Ice-T, Ludacris, Busta Rhymes, and Sean Paul. 

Are there more celebrity commentators on their way to NHL 20?

As reported by GameSpot earlier this year, Snoop Dogg isn’t the only celebrity commentator expected to come to NHL 20. The outlet claims that others like actor Will Ferrell, rapper Drake, and NHL legend Will Gretzky could be on their way to the game. 

Seeing as it has taken 13 weeks for EA Sports to get Snoop Dogg into the game, all of those celebrities coming into NHL 20 might be wishful thinking at this point. However, if they do pull it off, it will help to increase the profile of the game, possibly leading to more players – particularly as EA Sports titles steadily decrease in price throughout the season. 

Snoop Dogg joins NHL 20 as a skater and commentator, and he might not be the last celebrity to come into the game.

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