Spider-Man Swings onto Marvel’s Avengers, but Only on PlayStation

Marvel’s Avengers already has an all-star cast of superheroes and villains, and now it’s been revealed that Spider-Man will join the game.

Easily one of the most highly-anticipated games of late 2020, especially when talking cross-platform titles, the closer we get to the release of Marvel’s Avengers, the better it sounds.

The developers behind the Square Enix-published game, Crystal Dynamics, have been very open in discussing the story, gameplay, and features, with their latest announcement being a big one.

Unfortunately for non-PlayStation gamers, but understandable given Sony’s ownership of the web-slinging superhero licence, Marvel’s Avengers will feature Spider-Man as a playable character exclusively on PlayStation consoles.

Spider-Man coming exclusively to PlayStation’s Avengers

In a very detailed post on the PlayStation Blog on 3 August, the associate art director of Crystal Dynamics, Jeff Adams, announced that Spider-Man would be joining Black Widow, Iron Man, Ms Marvel, Thor, and Hulk in the Marvel’s Avengers game.

It’s said that Spider-Man joining up with the Avengers will “add a whole new dimension” to the gameplay, with his innate powers being boosted with some help from the rest of the team.

Already quite a tech-savvy character in his most recent game outing, Spider-Man will now gain access to specialised technology from Stark Industries, S.H.I.E.L.D, and the original Ant-Man himself, Dr Hank Pym.

You’ll be able to construct gear and pull together skill combinations to create your perfect Spider-Man. So, hopefully, the Marvel’s Avengers Spider-Man controls are as fluid and in-depth as the controls in the Marvel’s Spider-Man game from Insomniac Games.

Spider-Man will be brought in as downloadable content for Marvel’s Avengers, being the star of an in-game event to introduce him to the world built within the game.

The Spider-Man event will have players face a series of challenges as the web-head, utilising all of his unique abilities. He’ll also have several cosmetic and gameplay options for players to customise their experience.

Even more content coming exclusively to PlayStations

Not only will PlayStation users have exclusive access to Spider-Man, but according to IGN, there’s lots more exclusive content coming to the Sony console.

The Community Challenges will run through Marvel’s Avengers, but on the PlayStation, there will also be exclusive challenges that unlock console-exclusive rewards.

Players on the PlayStation will also get an exclusive 30-day head start on access to some cosmetic items, too, including a legendary emote, outfit, an epic takedown, and superhero nameplates when they hit the game.

Furthermore, every time a superhero is added to Marvel’s Avengers after it launches on 4 September, such as Spider-Man or Hawkeye, PS Plus subscribers will receive a bundle of free cosmetic items.

Despite all of this PlayStation exclusivity, it seems unlikely that Xbox or PC copies will be sold at a reduced price: the game will cost the same, but have much less content.

The strategy seems very unfair, especially when the content is something as game-changing as a beloved character like Spider-Man.

Sony is going big on making the PlayStation the go-to platform for Marvel gaming, with Marvel’s Spider-Man, the upcoming Spider-Man: Miles Morales game, and now, lots of exclusive content for Marvel’s Avengers.

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