Stadia Pro Subscribers Get Two New Games: Tomb Raider and Farming Simulator 19

Google Stadia has doubled the number of free games available to its Stadia Pro subscribers for December.

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On 1 December at 5 pm GMT (9 am PST), Stadia Pro subscribers will see the value of their subscription double, in a sense, with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Edition becoming a part of the Stadia Pro library. 

So far for Stadia Pro users – who are mostly, by default, Stadia Pro subscribers due to the Founder’s Edition coming with three months on the service – only Samurai Shodown and Destiny 2: The Collection have been available. Outside of those two titles, all games have had to be purchased from the Google Stadia store at retail price. 

How to claim Tomb Raider and Farming Simulator 19 on Stadia

Image Source: Stadia Community

To get either of the two new games streamed to you on 1 December or later, you’ll need to add the titles to your library following these steps: 

  • Open the Stadia app; 
  • Select ‘Store’; 
  • Go under ‘Stadia Pro Games’ and claim Tomb Raider and Farming Simulator 19. 

While you uphold your Stadia Pro subscription, you’ll be able to access these games at will. However, without the Stadia Pro subscription – if you don’t renew or you cancel after the three months are up – you’ll no longer have access to the games unless you then purchase them through the Stadia storefront.

Having released on 19 November, some gamers will have been disgruntled to see games that were only available for purchase just a couple of weeks ago suddenly become, effectively, available to everyone. Luckily for those who wanted to bulk up their Stadia library early, Eurogamer reports that you can get a refund for Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Edition.

Those who would like to receive a refund for either or both games will need to make their way to the Google Stadia support page. Refunds will not be given automatically, so if you need to, go to the Google Support page to claim back your cash and enjoy the games as part of your subscription. 

A little bit about Tomb Raider and Farming Simulator 19 

As the second and third titles in this Tomb Raider series are also available to buy through Stadia’s store, offering the chance to play the first instalment may help Stadia make some sales on the other, more expensive sequels. All three games are very good, but the first, Tomb Raider, was groundbreaking and a darling amongst game critics upon release. 

Having initially released on Xbox 360 in March 2013, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition was specifically built to bring the game more in line with the standards of the current generation of consoles. As you would assume, the graphics received a welcomed update, but the Definitive Edition also came with the DLC maps Scavenger Caverns, Burning Village, Cliff Shantytown, Forest Meadow, Dogfight, Himiko’s Cradle, and Lost Fleet – all of which are for the multiplayer mode – as well as six outfits and the Tomb of the Lost Adventurer challenge. 

There were some additional bonuses for those who purchased Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition for the new consoles: it included a digital edition of Dark Horse’s Tomb Raider comic and the mini-artbook from Brady games. Google Stadia users may also get these additional items, with the Stadia Community post detailing that the Definitive Edition has them included.

The Farming Simulator series has become somewhat of a cult hit, releasing annually like the many sports gaming franchises. Many would have chuckled at the title when it first hit the shelves, but after playing the game – in which you do indeed manage a farm – people got hooked. It’s a surprisingly addictive and enjoyable series that prides itself on its depth. 

Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Edition brings more content to the original November 2018 release, which already has you playing as a modern farmer developing European and American plots. It includes over 35 new vehicles and tools from the company Claas, adding to “the biggest roster of authentic farming vehicles ever seen in a farming simulator game.”

Is it enough to keep subscribers?

The Stadia Pro subscription costs £8.99 ($9.99) per month, mainly being sold on its access to games as a part of the service and the ability to stream in 4K at 60FPS. The streaming quality has been well-documented as troublesome, and sometimes non-existent, while the game library has now grown to four titles. 

Adding the start of a trilogy in Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition and an addictive game that releases a new edition yearly with Farming Simulator 19: Platinum Edition was a smart move. Players may go on to buy the next two Tomb Raider games and Farming Simulator 20 on the Stadia platform. Regarding the retention of subscribers after the three months included in the Founder’s Edition concludes, however, there appears to be very little of appeal. 

Stadia has put itself in a difficult situation. It needs to build a bigger and better library for Stadia Pro subscribers – as well as deliver on all of the benefits that they heavily advertised – but can’t keep adding games that some users will have purchased very recently through the store until those Founder’s Edition subscriptions expire. 

More games are set to come to Stadia Pro in the coming months, but for now, at least, subscribers get twice as many games to play as a part of the service.

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