Stadia Unveils Two New Exclusive Games, Three more on the Way

Stadia has been gradually building up a substantial library of games and bringing in some all-important exclusives.

Image Source: Stadia, via YouTube

Aside from the lack of features and compatible devices, which have steadily been ironed out over the last eight months, the primary criticism of Google Stadia has been the games library.

Due to the business model clearly being geared to existing gamers, with Stadia being more of a streaming game storefront rather than a ‘Netflix of gaming,’ the titles available didn’t help to sell the pioneering platform.

However, Stadia has quietly been bolstering its game selection, adding several older and newer titles, some timed exclusives, and now, a new batch of ‘Only on Stadia’ games.

Stadia adds some exclusive games

Exclusives make a platform: a statement which was as accurate at Stadia’s launch as it is now. Given its initial business model, lacking exclusives greatly hindered the new platform’s appeal out of the gate.

Having opened a dedicated new studio to exclusive Stadia games in Playa Vista, California, it seems as though Google has recognised this need.

During the July Stadia Connect, the company showcased 16 new games arriving on the streaming service, with five being ‘Only on Stadia’ releases.

The most intriguing exclusive, as it’s available on Stadia now, is Orcs Must Die! 3.

Created by Robot Entertainment, this third instalment is set 20 years after Orcs Must Die! 2, featuring a new story, overwhelming orc armies in war scenarios, and a tremendous amount of customisation to utilise while defending against the droves of orcs.

The next ‘Only on Stadia’ title arrives this autumn, with the developers of Brink, Dirty Bomb, and Gears Tactics (Splash Damage) delivering Outcasters as a Stadia exclusive.

Outcasters is an eight-person, multiplayer, top-down shooter that’s full of colour, customisation items, and frantic action which looks to be an exciting addition for the Stadia community to enjoy.

Future Stadia exclusive reveals

The other three exclusives on the way weren’t showcased, but the development teams working on them have been revealed.

Stadia exclusives in the making are coming from:

  • Harmonix (early Guitar Hero, Rock Band series, Dance Central series)
  • Supermassive Games (Walking with Dinosaurs, Until Dawn, The Inpatient on PSVR)
  • Uppercut Games (City of Brass, Submerged, EPOCH)

During Stadia’s showcase, it was also revealed that games like Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, NBA 2K21, and Hello Neighbor would be joining the library this autumn.

To see a recap of the Stadia Connect presentation, check out the video below:

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