Stray: All Notebook Locations

Here's how you can find all four notebooks in the slums in Stray.

In Stray, there are a number of collectibles for you to nab. Some are just that, collectibles, while others are necessary to advance the story. One of those collectibles to advance the story are the notebooks of the Outsiders, those robots who sought to make it to the outside world. You’ll need to obtain all four to advance the story.

Below, you will find your guide on how to find all four notebooks. Two have already been revealed, but all four will be listed below.

1. Speak to Momo

You’ll need to speak to Momo after the Guardian directs you to do so. Climb up the rooftops and then speak to Momo, who is frustrated that the transceiver doesn’t work and despondent over being the last Outsider left in the slums. If you have a notebook, Momo will mention they’re useless. If you don’t, Momo will bring them up and mention they’re useless. You know how video games work: if something is mentioned by a named character, it’s most likely important! To put that over even more, Momo simply gives you their notebook; one of four!

Momo also gives you a big hint: the logo of the Outsiders is a blue face. There is a blue face next to each Outsiders’ apartment.

2. Head to Doc’s library

Head to Doc’s library, to the right of Momo’s place. You’ll know you’re looking at the right spot because of the small blue face on the lanai. Head over and inside, nab the sheet music on the piano if you haven’t, grab the keys in the back room, open the safe, and retrieve Doc’s Notebook.

3. Go to Clementine’s apartment

Clementine’s place is to the right of Doc’s and directly opposite of Momo’s. In fact, if you face out from Momo’s, you can see the blue face painted to the left of Clementine’s open window. Head through, grab the sheet music, then into the back room for Clementine’s notebook.

4. Make your way to Zbaltazar’s apartment

Zbaltazar’s apartment is to the right of Clementine’s, left of Momo’s, and directly across from Doc’s. It’s with the high blue face sign. You’ll need to climb up the building and down into Zbaltazar’s apartment. On the rooftop, head to the side of the bucket that will take you across to another rooftop and begin climbing.

On the rooftop, there is a ventilation system running, blocking your path. You can uninstall the battery unit by using Triangle. Then, hop down through the now disabled fan to enter the apartment.

If you’re lucky, the notebook will be laid up against the refrigerator. If not, you’ll have to knock over the sets of boxes by running into them and jumping on them. Zbaltazar’s Notebook should be in one of these boxes. It also provides a handy note to fix the transceiver! Nab it to complete the set and head back to Momo.

5. Deliver them to Momo to progress the story

Momo will rejoice at being able to fix the device, decry their self-induced pity, and praise the work of the fellow Outsiders. Momo then motions you to a back window and give you the transceiver.

Momo then tells you that you’ll need to affix the transceiver to the top of the tall building in the distance (pictured) so they can make contact with others. Jump into the bucket on the line to head over the the next area and begin the next part of your journey.

Now you know where all of the notebooks for Momo are located. You could conceivably grab all of the notebooks before speaking to Momo to quicken the process. Either way, nab them to continue the story!

Bruce L

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