Street Power Football: Complete Character List and Guide

Here’s everything you need to know about picking characters, customising your freestyler, and their Superpowers in Street Power Football (Street Power Soccer).

Street Power Football is loaded with enigmatic tricks to perform and a stack of customisation items, which includes 37 different freestylers to play as in each game mode.

The majority of the characters in the game are real-life freestylers, Panna athletes, and street footballers from around the world.

While you can customise the attire of each of the Street Power Football characters, the main difference between each is their ‘Superpower.’ So, picking your freestyler does influence more than just the aesthetics.

In this guide, you’ll find a list of all of the characters in Street Power Football, as well as how to change character and customise them for use in matches.

How to find and customise Street Power Football characters

To get a view of all of the freestylers in the game and customise their attire, you’ll first need to go to the Shop from the main menu.

In the Shop, use the left analogue to navigate to the freestyler’s name, and then press the confirm button.

Once you’ve selected the character name, you can scroll through the whole list of freestylers in Street Power Football, from Aguska Mnich to Yo Katsuyama.

With your character selected, you can then build three different presets for their attire. Navigate to the presets select, and scroll down to whichever one you want to change.

To customise your character, you’ll then need to navigate over to the graffiti art on the right side and select the piece of attire that you’d like to change.

When you’re done, just press the back button to return to the main menu.

You can then use any of the character presets that you’ve built when you’re selecting the freestylers to use in the various game modes.

You’ll see a number above the character select scroll, just press left or right on the d-pad to switch between the presets that you customised in the Shop.

Does it matter which character you pick in Street Power Football?

The game offers you a diverse range of characters from all over the world to pick from for your solo and team matches.

They all have different aesthetics and some different customisation items, but the one aspect that does impact your gameplay performance is the Superpower.

Each character has one of eight Superpowers bound to their loadout. The Superpower is, as you would assume, an almighty move which can help you to swing the game in your favour.

These are the Superpowers that the Street Power Football characters can have:

  • Smoke Bomb
  • Speed Teleport
  • Power Shield
  • Charge Shot
  • Air Jump
  • Stamp
  • Ghost Ball
  • Missile Shot

Some of the Superpowers all-but guarantee a goal while others help you get to the other side of the pitch to score an easy goal.

Still, as they’re all supremely powerful, it’s a good idea to try them out and then pick a character based on their Superpower.

Street Power Football full character list

These are all of the characters that you can choose from in Street Power Football, as well as the Superpowers that they can use in matches.

CharacterCharacter ImageSuperpowerNationality
Aguska Mnich Air JumpPolish
Ahmed Lilli ‘Rakaba’ Missile ShotGerman
Alexandra Medvedev Charge ShotRussian
Anas Boukami Charge ShotFrench
Andreas FreeStyleS3 Ghost BallFrench
Andrew Henderson Smoke BombEnglish
Boyka Ortiz StampColombian
CrisStreetStyle Missile ShotFrench
Daniel Cappellaro ‘D10’ Air JumpBrazilian
Daniel Got Hits Ghost BallAmerican
Darryl Bathea Ghost BallUnknown
EasyMan Ghost BallNetherlands
Erich Kranberger Air JumpUnknown
Gunnar Haagensen StampNorwegian
Hamish Flaming Smoke BombScottish
Issy Hitman Charge ShotMoroccan
Jacek Makowski Speed TeleportUnknown
Javifreestyle Power ShieldSpanish
Ji-Woo Missile ShotKorean
Petr ‘Kari’ Karasek Ghost BallCzech
Kazane Shimazaki Charge ShotJapanese
Kristoffer Liicht Air JumpDanish
Laetitia O’Connor Smoke BombNorthern Irish
Laura Biondo Ghost BallVenezuelan
Lenka Vesela Missile ShotUnknown
Liv Cooke Smoke BombEnglish
Maria Rossi Power ShieldUnknown
Pablo Martinez Air JumpMexico
Melody Donchet Speed TeleportFrench
Michal Rycaj Missile ShotPolish
Raquel Benetti Charge ShotBrazilian
Sean Garnier Speed TeleportFrench
Soufiane Bencok StampBelgian
Tanita Waddell Charge ShotUnknown
Veera Saarinen Speed TeleportUnknown
Yoanna Dallier Power ShieldFrench
Yo Katsuyama Speed TeleportJapanese

Unless you have a favourite freestyler, it’s best to pick your Street Power Football character based on your preferred Superpower.

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