Street Power Football: Top Tips and Tricks for Beginners

It’s a different form of the sport in Street Power Football (Street Power Soccer), so here are some tips and tricks to help you get started.

The controls for Street Power Football or Street Power Soccer, depending on where you’re playing from, aren’t overly complicated, and yet there is a lot to get used to in the head-to-head game modes.

Being a game that emphasises flair, skill, and exciting attacking plays, the gameplay is very different from many other football video games, meaning that your usual football game strategies may not hold up too well here.

In this beginners’ guide, we’re going through a few tips and tricks for you to keep in mind while you play matches in Street Power Football.

Get to grips with the controls

Going through the single-player part of the menu to any of the game modes that aren’t ‘Become King,’ you can find a tutorial mode.

When in the single-player room, you can press L1 and R1 (PS4), L and R (Switch), or LB and RB (Xbox One) to flick through the potential venues.

One of them for each game mode (which can be changed by navigating to the button over the ‘Play’ button), will be entitled ‘Tutorial,’ which you use to get a quick refresher on the controls.

Watch and manage your stamina

Your stamina bar is the coloured arrow above each of your players. Every time you perform a trick, a high trick, or sprint, your stamina bar will drain. However, it does refill over time.

Stamina is crucial during gameplay as you’ll may often find yourself needing to track back at speed to defend your goal. Stamina is also necessary for filling your Power Bar to use Superpowers.

The main way that many get caught out is by performing tricks near the halfway line, burning their stamina, but then losing the ball and not having enough energy to trackback.

You can also sprint with the ball at your feet, but it doesn’t give you anywhere near as much of a boost as running without the ball.

Have a defence-first mentality

Street Power Football is a game focussed on creating the flashiest goals spawned from the most ankle-snapping skills. It has made scoring goals relatively easy, but stopping goals quite tricky.

Expect little-to-zero help from the AI when defending: you have to take matters into your own hands.

The best way to have a defensive mindset in Street Power Football is to, firstly, try to avoid pulling players out of their starting position – which is usually either down the left, right, or hanging back centrally.

From there, when the play moves around, switch player as opposed to rushing over and closing down.

When the opponent has the ball and enters your half, you may need to use the sprint button (R2/ZR/RT) to get between them and the goal.

Once in front of the ball carrier, hold the strafe button (R1/R/RB) to gain better control of your movement, allowing you to step at the same speed as your foe while always facing the ball.

You’ll also need to be very clinical with your tackles, with button-mashing often ending up in you opening some space and being stuck while your opponent moves in to pass or score.

So, strafe to contain and then, when close and in front of the ball carrier, tap Square/Y/X to steal the ball.

You’ll need to be disciplined, but switching players instead of chasing, using the strafe button to get between the ball and the goal, and timing steals are the foundations of a successful defensive strategy.

The game mode Panna is decent practice for working out how to lockdown attackers.

Find out which Superpowers work for you

There are eight Superpowers in the game, with each of the 37 different freestylers having one of them at their disposal.

While you’ll also need to know how to use Superpowers and the best Superpowers, once you’ve done so, you’ll want to test some out to learn how to use them in matches.

You likely won’t get many chances at using Superpowers in any given match, so you need to capitalise on the ability as most of them all-but guarantee a goal when used correctly.

Having found the Superpowers that you prefer, you can then build your team and select your characters based on their Superpowers, either creating a team where everyone has the same power, or pick a mix to help in different situations.

Get some quick-fire goals by switching the play

One of the most effective ways of scoring goals in Street Power Football, without the use of a power, is by switching the play and hitting a volley from in deep.

The move works particularly well after start with the ball having conceded a goal.

Run down the nearside wing with the ball, and then, at or just past the halfway line, perform a high pass (L2+X/ZL+B/LT+A) to the opposite side of the pitch, where one of your players will likely be lurking closer to the net.

As the ball is just about to fall to the feet of the other player, tap shoot (O/A/B) and direct towards the goal to cushion the ball into the back of the net.

In most situations, this will likely see the ball tucked into the gap behind the goal-tending player and into the goal.

Equally, if you’ve managed to get all of your opponents into your own half and have a bit of space, use the high pass to effectively dump the ball to the other end, and then use the sprint button to zoom up the pitch and tap in the ball.

There you have it: a few gameplay tips and tricks to give you a sound foundation for competing in Street Power Football.

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