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Interested in Submitting a Guest Post for publication on OutsiderGaming? We’re hoping to hear from any gamers, writers, editors, individuals, or companies who want to contribute a guest post or article to our digital home for gaming content. This is the place to submit a guest post to, please read on…

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We know there are many different motivations for someone to become an author for us at OutsiderGaming.

We realize there are many eager gamers who want to share their video game advice, tips, and tricks. In this case, we ask that these writers and editors contact us at CONTACT (@) OUTSIDERGAMING dot COM. We offer competitive rates… Plus, OutsiderGaming has been a media outlet where young writers and editors have cut their teeth while growing inside the writing and gaming industries.

So, whether you want to submit how to guides, create quality content that teaches people, write about tech & digital news, write product reviews, or something else interesting–please drop us a line for an opportunity to write for us. Our editorial team may have a topic that interests you. However, we’re also always willing to hear article topic pitches.

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What’s more, we understand that businesses, teams, and organizations can benefit from adding written content to our site. From an internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), and domain authority standpoint–it makes sense to add guest posting to your blogging strategy or digital marketing plan.

So, we do accept guest posts from bloggers. We will curate your content to ensure it is appropriate for our audience. From there, we do have rates our team will charge for people and businesses that wish to contribute a guest post. So, please contact VESNA (@) TREASUREHUNTER dot MEDIA if you are interested in contributing some sort of advertorial, link injection, or guest article to

We hope to hear your guest blog post pitches: Our team will correspond with all guest bloggers and interested businesses in order to adhere to our guest post guidelines. These guest blogging guidelines are evolving with our ever-changing website. But at the end of the day, if you’ve read our website’s content, gaming guides, and technology blogs–you should understand what sort of blog content we would publish. Thanks for reading–we hope to hear from you soon!