Super Animal Royale: Best Super Powerups to Use

Wondering about Super Powerups in Super Animal Royale? Here is your guide to what they are, their functions, and the best Super Powerups to use.

A cute game that belies its destructive nature, Super Animal Royale is fun battle royale with a variety of weapons and power-ups. Specifically, Super Animal Royale has Super Powerups: a set of items found on the map that can be the key to your ascent to sole survivor.

Below, you will find everything that you need to know about Super Powerups in Super Animal Royale.

What are Super Powerups in Super Animal Royale?

While difficult to control, running over your opponent results in almost instantaneous death for them!

Super Powerups are a group of items strewn about the battlefield that can aid in your survival. Each one grants a different passive ability which don’t require a trigger to activate. Each Super Powerup is classified as Uncommon in its rarity.

How do I use Super Powerups in Super Animal Royale?

As passive abilities, Super Powerups are automatic. However, to obtain a Super Powerup, you must place your character on the item and then hit the Use and Pick Up button to equip the Super Powerup.

Importantly, you can only equip one Super Powerup. If you already have one and pick up another, you will discard the previous one in favour of the new Super Powerup: keep this in mind.

What Super Powerups are in Super Animal Royale?

Peck away atop your Giant Emu mount!

Here are the current Super Powerups available in Super Animal Royale:

  • Claw Boots: Automatically cuts tall grass; increases grass loot drop by 2.5 times; move on shallow water as fast as on land; prevents sliding on ice.
  • Banana Forker: Allows for consumption of banana peels to recover 25 health points; doubles the amount of health recovered from coconuts, mushrooms, and event health pickups; increases the range at which you can consume health pickups.
  • Ninja Boots: Reduces noise from walking by 50 per cent; can creep-roll without noise; increases creeping speed by 12 per cent.
  • Super Gas Snorkel: Increases movement speed by 25 per cent within the Super Skunk Gas and Skunk Bomb Gas; reduces damage taken from both by ten per cent; prevents coughing while in Skunk Bomb Gas.
  • Cupgrade: Allows 25 per cent faster healing from drinking Health Juice.
  • S.A.W. Impossible Tape: Armor dropped from eliminated animals will be repaired by one armour bar.
  • Super Bandolier: Increases the maximum amount of ammo that you can carry with Super Tape from five to six, Grenades from four to five, Skunk Bombs from five to six, and Bananas from ten to 12.

Although not listed as Super Powerups, these next two items function similarly, providing a boost to bothoffense and defense. To damage the player within or atop, the item must first be destroyed or killed:

  • Hamster Ball: Allows the player to travel at high speeds – albeit while difficult to control – and deal damage to players and Giant Emus; running into an unarmored player at top speed results in almost instantaneous death for the enemy.
  • Giant Emus: A two-person rideable – unlike the Hamster Ball – that allows players to travel at high speed and deal damage by pecking at opponents, other Giant Emus, and Hamster Balls; there are four different types with different stats, which are the Giant Emu, Chonk Emu, Speedy Emu, and Battle Emu.

Remember, you can only equip one Super Powerup at a time. Claw Boots might look good if you are surrounded by tall grass, but that Cupgrade might prove crucial down the line.

However, the Hamster Ball and Giant Emu count separately, so if you can find a Super Powerup and one of these two items, you will become a formidable foe indeed.

What is the best Super Powerup in Super Animal Royale?

While completely subjective, after playing for some time, the Super Bandolier is arguably the best Super Powerup in Super Animal Royale. The ability to carry an extra set of Super Tape, Grenades, Skunk Bobs, and Bananas is tough to beat. That extra bit of Tape can help you to repair your armour one more time, possibly saving you in an ambush. Also, the extra throwables should help you to make quick escapes while keeping opponents at bay.

Another contender for the title of best Super Powerup in Super Animal Royale is the Cupgrade. As you will find out – if you haven’t already – is that it takes a long time to heal by drinking Juice – particularly if your health bar is low. Being able to drink 25 per cent faster equates to 25 per cent less time that you are left vulnerable. The big yellow cup may be your literal lifesaver.

With this guide to Super Powerups, you should have a good idea of what best suits your playstyle. Which Super Powerup is ideally suited to you in Super Animal Royale?

Bruce L

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