Super Animal Royale: Best Weapons to Use and Tips

With several weapons and rarities in Super Animal Royale, here is your complete guide to the game’s arsenal.

Super Animal Royale includes many weapons – some with cutesy names – that all have different properties and rarities. To help you navigate the arsenal available, below, you’ll find your complete guide to the weapons in Super Animal Royale, their rarities, and highlighting a select few.

How do I obtain and use weapons in Super Animal Royale?

The blue colour indicates that the level of rarity for this Magnum is Rare.

You begin each match with your melee weapon, but it is very difficult to kill an enemy with just the melee, let alone survive long enough to get close enough to attack.

To obtain a weapon, you can find them on the map in multiple ways: laying about, in supply caches, or Mole Crate deliveries. The latter two tend to have better weapons in – both in regards to rarity and type of gun. Some guns can only be obtained through Mole Crate deliveries.

You open a cache or pick up a weapon by hitting the Use and Pick Up button while on top of the item, which is X (Switch), E (PC), Square (PlayStation), X (Xbox).

You can hold two non-melee weapons. If you pick up another weapon while you have two, it will replace one. To switch between weapons, press R or L on the Switch, click the mouse wheel on the keyboard or use numbers 1 to 4, press R1 and L1 on PlayStation, and RB and LB on Xbox.

What are the weapons and rarities available in Super Animal Royale?

Carnage at the shooting range prior to match start!

There is a bevvy of both guns, melee weapons, and throwables in Super Animal Royale. Like with animals, each gun comes in at least two rarity categories (except for Lone Gun), but unlike with animals, the rarity makes a difference.

The colour of the aura surrounding each gun on the map indicates its rarity. Grey is Common, green is Uncommon, blue is Rare, purple is Epic, and yellow is Legendary.

First, here is a list of all of the weapons and rarities available for each.


  • Pistol: Common through Epic
  • Dual Pistols: Common through Epic
  • Magnum: Common through Rare
  • Deagle (Desert Eagle): Epic and Legendary
  • Silenced Pistol: Epic and Legendary
  • Shotgun: Common through Rare
  • JAG-7: Epic and Legendary
  • SMG: Common through Rare
  • Thomas Gun: Epic and Legendary
  • Hunting Rifle: Common through Rare
  • Sniper: Epic and Legendary
  • AK: Common through Rare
  • M-16: Epic and Legendary
  • Dogna’s Dart Gun: Uncommon and Rare (deals poison damage)
  • Bow & Sparrow: Uncommon and Rare
  • Sparrow Launcher: Epic and Legendary
  • Minigun: Legendary


  • Katana: Common (all melee weapon skins share the same stats with the Katana)


  • Grenade: Common
  • Banana: Common
  • Skunk Bomb: Common

Each rarity level increases the base damage of each weapon. A Common pistol will deal 34 points of damage, but an Uncommon one will deal 36. The rarer the weapon, the more damage you deal.

There are other factors for damage dealt: distance from an enemy, the armour that they may be wearing, and any poison dealt. Each player has 100 health points without armour, so use that as your barometer. However, just because a weapon is Legendary doesn’t mean that it is the best option for you.

For one, think about your playstyle. Two, while a shotgun is great at close range, its effectiveness diminishes the further away a target is because of its spread shot nature. A Sniper is great when you are playing at a distance, but once an enemy is close, it might be too slow – even though it is powerful – to keep you alive.

Three, you may not even come across one of the rarer and stronger weapons like the Minigun or JAG-7 before you encounter enemies. Your best bet may be to aim for a Rare level gun like the Magnum or AK that gives you a nice combination of power, accuracy, and shot distance.

What are the best weapons to use in Super Animal Royale?

Undoubtedly, the best weapons are those Legendary ones that you can only receive from a Mole Crate delivery: JAG-7, Minigun, Deagle, Silenced Pistol, Thomas Gun, M16, Sniper, Sparrow Launcher. You can still get the less rare version of each, though, so don’t worry too much.

As those are easily the best weapons in Super Animal Royale, this list will instead select non-Legendary rarity weapons that best coalesce damage, availability, and playstyle.

AK (Rare)

A standard gun in shooting games, the highly regarded AK is yet again a formidable weapon in Super Animal Royale. It packs a great combination of damage and speed of fire with a good magazine size.

The gun is good at close and medium ranges, losing some effectiveness at long distances. The biggest drawback to the AK is the noise, as it will ring out and attract your enemies to your location. Also, keep an eye on your ammo as it is easy to deplete since you can just hold down the Shoot button.

The AK also happens to be common in many of the building structures on the map, so land and check there if you want an AK quickly. The Rare version of the gun may be best for those who like running in or deploying a hit-and-run strategy.

Magnum (Rare)

While not quite as strong as the next handgun on the list, the Magnum is still a powerful weapon, even if it’s not a rapid-fire gun, like the AK.

Especially effective at medium and medium-close ranges, the Magnum does require you to hit the Shoot button for each shot. This can be a drawback, but can also be a boon as it can force you to be judicious and hopefully effective with your shots, downing your foe before they can recover.

It might not be as effective at close range as a shotgun, but you will have the advantage at a medium distance. The Magnum is also easier to obtain than the next gun on the list, so if you want a powerful gun that can kill your opponent in two or three shots that limits the noise, choose the Magnum.

Deagle (Epic)

Quite possibly the strongest handgun in the game, the Deagle begins at Epic rarity and provides a more powerful shot than the Magnum. The Deagle is also recognisable due to its yellow tip, making it easy to spot on the map.

The Deagle can down an opponent with one shot at close range while ripping through any equipped armour with ease. It is better at longer distances than the Magnum, but not by much. The drawbacks are that it is a loud gun, and you have to hit the Shoot button for each shot.

If you come across one, grab the Deagle. Switching to it at close range could be the difference between surviving and dying.

Dogna’s Dart Gun (Rare)

One of a few creative weapons in Super Animal Royale, Dogna’s Dart Gun might appear bulky and ineffective at first glance, but do not be fooled. The biggest strength of the Dart Gun is that it poisons your enemies and bypasses armour.

Sure, its damage rating is lower, but you can pepper your opponents with a few darts and switch to another gun, using the combination of poison, armour penetration, and bullets to down a foe. It also has good range, so you can ambush opponents and slay them before they even know what happened.

The drawbacks are that it shoots slow, inflicts less damage than other rifle-like guns, and isn’t ideal at close range. You must also find Darts for ammo, which are not as common as ammo for the other weapons, and as a rifle, it does not hold as much ammo before needing to be reloaded.

That said, being able to poison and penetrate armour might be too enticing for some.

Shotgun (Rare)

Simply put, the Rare Shotgun inflicts the most damage at point-blank range as all three scatter shots hit directly.

It seems like most kills happen at close range in Super Animal Royale, so the Shotgun is a popular choice in-game. It is easy to find with ammo all around the map, and even at medium-close and medium ranges, it can be effective defensively as the three shots spread out – ideal if attacked by two or more players.

The drawbacks are well-known for any veteran of shooter games at this point: ineffectiveness beyond medium range, loud, limited ammo capacity, and the manual reload. Then again, if you are choosing the Shotgun at this point, you are probably a veteran and have your strategies for using the Shotgun effectively.

There you have it: your guide to weapons in Super Animal Royale! Remember to always have two different types of guns equipped so that you are prepared for any situation.

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