The Crown Tundra Arrives 22 October: Here are All of the New and Returning Pokémon

Part II of the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass arrives this month, bringing in some new adventures and Pokémon.

Announced back in January this year, instead of going down the usual mainline route of creating extra editions, with Sword and Shield, Nintendo have decided to create an Expansion Pass.

The Isle of Armor hit the virtual shelves in June, bringing in a stack of Pokémon from across the history of the franchise, as well as three new Pokémon – Kubfu, Urshifu, and Zarude – and a new Galarain form of Slowbro.

Now, the second expansion is on the horizon, with The Crown Tundra bringing in even more Pokémon from the National Dex as well as some new and Galarian form monsters to catch on 22 October.

With even more details revealed about the vast update, here’s a look at the Pokémon coming to The Crown Tundra expansion.

What new Pokémon are in The Crown Tundra?

Over 80 more Pokémon from across the generations are coming to Pokémon Sword and Shield via The Crown Tundra update, including three brand new Pokémon and four Galarian form monsters who originate from Generation I of the franchise.

The brand new inclusions are the cover star legendary Calyrex, which is a psychic-grass type Pokémon, and two new additions to the legendary Regi Pokémon group. One is an electric-type, Regieleki, and the other is dragon-type, Regidrago.

Coming with a new appearance and new types, Articuno, Moltres, and Zapdos all enter the game in their Galarian form, as well as their original Kanto form.

The first of the legendary birds in the National Dex, Articuno was originally found on the Seafoam Islands, sporting an ice-flying type with an ice-blue colouration. Galarian Articuno is psychic-flying type, now being purple to suit its new psychic abilities.

Originally discovered in the Power Plant of the Kanto region, Zapdos was an electric-flying type Pokémon with yellow-and-black colours and sharp-edged, lighting blot wings. Galarian Zapdos maintains the sharp-edges but now looks more like a roadrunner, sporting a fighting-flying type with orange-and-black colours.

The flame-winged legendary bird once discovered on Victory Road has seen its fire-flying type shift to dark-flying. Galarain Moltres still features flaming wings, but they’re cloaked in dark energy.

The Isle of Armor introduced the Galarian form of Slowbro. The Crown Tundra brings in a Galarian variation of Slowking.

Building on the shell crown on the head of the Slowpoke evolution, Galarain Slowking features a much more prominent shell casing around its head, as well as an expanded collar. Instead of its original water-psychic type, Galarian Slowking is a poison-psychic Pokémon.

List of all of the Pokémon coming with The Crown Tundra expansion

Legendary Pokémon from past games are coming to Sword and Shield via The Crown Tundra DLC, along with several other favourites of the franchise.

The likes of Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Dragonite, Metagross, Garchomp, and Aggron will all be available in the game from 22 October. Here’s a list of all of the known Pokémon coming in the new DLC.

PokémonTypeFirst Seen
ArticunoIce-FlyingGen. I
Galarian ArticunoPsychic-FlyingGen. VIII
ZapdosElectric-FlyingGen. I
Galarian ZapdosFighting-FlyingGen. VIII
MoltresFire-FlyingGen. I
Galarian MoltresDark-FlyingGen. VIII
EnteiFireGen. II
RaikouElectricGen. II
SuicuneWaterGen. II
LatiasDragon-PsychicGen. III
LatiosDragon-PsychicGen. III
RegirockRockGen. III
RegiceIceGen. III
RegisteelSteelGen. III
RegigigasNormalGen. IV
RegielekiElectricGen. VIII
RegidragoDragonGen. VIII
UxiePsychicGen. IV
MespritPsychicGen. IV
AzelfPsychicGen. IV
TornadusFlyingGen. V
ThundurusElectric-FlyingGen. V
LandorusGround-FlyingGen. V
ZygardeDragon-GroundGen. VI
Tapu KokoElectric-FairyGen. VII
Tapu LelePsychic-FairyGen. VII
Tapu BuluGrass-FairyGen. VII
Tapu FiniWater-FairyGen. VII
LugiaPsychic-FlyingGen. II
Ho-OhFire-FlyingGen. II
KyogreWaterGen. III
GroudonGroundGen. III
RayquazaDragon-FlyingGen. III
DialgaSteel-DragonGen. IV
PalkiaWater-DragonGen. IV
HeatranFire-SteelGen. IV
GiratinaGhost-DragonGen. IV
CresseliaPsychicGen. IV
XerneasFairyGen. VI
YveltalDark-FlyingGen. VI
CalyrexPsychic-GrassGen. VIII
Galarian SlowkingPoison-PsychicGen. VIII
Nidoran ♀PoisonGen. I
NidorinaPoisonGen. I
NidoqueenPoison-GroundGen. I
Nidoran ♂PoisonGen. I
NidorinoPoisonGen. I
NidokingPoison-GroundGen. I
ZubatPoison-FlyingGen. I
GolbatPoison-FlyingGen. I
CrobatPoison-FlyingGen. II
ElekidElectricGen. II
ElectabuzzElectricGen. I
ElectivireElectricGen. IV
MagbyFireGen. II
MagmarFireGen. I
MagmortarFireGen. IV
DratiniDragonGen. I
DragonairDragonGen. I
DragoniteDragon-FlyingGen. I
AronSteel-RockGen. III
LaironSteel-RockGen. III
AggronSteel-RockGen. III
SwabluNormal-FlyingGen. III
AltariaDragon-FlyingGen. III
LileepRock-GrassGen. III
CradilyRock-GrassGen. III
AbsolDarkGen. III
SphealIce-WaterGen. III
SealeoIce-WaterGen. III
WalreinIce-WaterGen. III
RelicanthWater-RockGen. III
BeldumSteel-PsychicGen. III
MetangSteel-PsychicGen. III
MetagrossSteel-PsychicGen. III
GibleDragon-GroundGen. IV
GabiteDragon-GroundGen. IV
GarchompDragon-GroundGen. IV
AudinoNormalGen. V
CryogonalIceGen. V
TyruntRock-DragonGen. VI
TyrantrumRock-DragonGen. VI
AmauraRock-IceGen. VI
AurorusRock-IceGen. VI
CarbinkRock-FairyGen. VI

More details revealed about The Crown Tundra

As we learned when the Sword and Shield Expansion Pass was initially revealed, The Crown Tundra is all about exploration and finding the tsunami of legendary Pokémon coming to the game.

In the Nintendo update on 29 September, the new Dynamax Adventures feature was shown, with the video showcase also revealing the return of the legendary birds in their original forms.

Also, a new doubles format Galarian Star Tournament creates a new way for you to battle to become the champion of the region once again, this time by teaming up with other gym leaders and characters from Sword and Shield.

In the video below, you can find all of the latest announcements for The Crown Tundra.

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