The Medium Game: Complete Controls Guide for PC and Xbox Series X

If you're struggling to do something in The Medium, our complete controls guide covers PC, Xbox Series X, and explains the autosave feature.

The Medium

The Medium, Blooper Team’s latest psychological horror adventure, comes with an atmospheric feel and an overly streamlined user interface. Fortunately, the game’s controls are also relatively simple.

The one downfall to a minimalist user interface is that the player can occasionally feel lost, but our full controls guide for both PC and Xbox Series X/S is here to help.

If you’d like to, you can also customize your controls on both platforms by binding each of the game’s individual actions to the key or button of your choice.

The Medium Default PC Keyboard Controls

The Medium

Regardless of how the game was purchased, these will be your default controls if you’re playing The Medium on PC.

ActionPC Controls
Walk ForwardW
Walk BackwardS
Walk RightD
Walk LeftA
Run Left Shift [Hold]
Sneak C [Toggle]
Out of Body Experience F [Hold]
Hold Breath Left Alt [Hold]
Open/Close Pause MenuEscape
Open InventoryTab
Interact (Material World)Left Mouse Button
Interact (Spirit World)Right Mouse Button
Transcription / ReadR
Back / ExitQ
Insight Left Control [Hold]
Spirit Shield Middle Mouse Button [Hold]
Spirit Blast Space Bar [Hold]

The Medium Default Xbox Series X/S and Gamepad controls

The Medium

If you’re playing on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, or are using a gamepad on PC, these are your default controls for The Medium.

ActionXbox Series X Controls
Run LT [Hold]
Sneak L3 [Toggle]
Out of Body ExperienceB [Hold]
Hold Breath R3 [Hold]
Open/Close Pause MenuMenu
Open InventoryInventory
Interact (Material World)X
Interact (Spirit World)A
Back / ExitB
Insight LB [Hold]
Spirit Shield RB [Hold]
Spirit Blast RT [Hold]

How to customize bindings and remap controls

In the controls menu, you can select Binding and The Medium will allow you to manually remap all of the game’s controls. The game doesn’t have particularly complicated controls, so this isn’t recommended or needed for most players.

However, you can change things if any of the particular controls are difficult to use or feel out of place for you. If you’re doing this on PC, you’ll likely wanna stick to keys accessible to where your non-mouse hand sits.

If you’re changing up controls on Xbox Series X, take careful note of what the control you’re switching to is currently mapped to. The directional pad is also unmapped, which means you can most easily switch controls to it in order to change things up.

It’s also important to note that while the specific button or key being used can be changed, you cannot alter controls that are tied to Hold or Toggle functions. You will still need to Hold the new bound key or button if the original was set that way.

Can you manually save in The Medium?

The Medium

Unlike some games, The Medium doesn’t have a manual save featured. Instead, it operates with checkpoints and autosaves without you having to worry about it.

Keep an eye out for the above icon if you’re getting ready to stop playing, as shutting down or closing the game while it is trying to autosave can potentially corrupt your save file.

While an autosave style like this is convenient, it can be frustrating if it’s unclear when the game last saved. Fortunately, when you go to quit the game it will tell you how long it’s been since your last autosave.

If that period of time is lengthy and you don’t want to retrace your recent steps when you next play The Medium, you might want to keep playing a bit and try to trigger the next checkpoint and autosave.

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