The Medium: How to Get Inside the Hotel

The Medium presents an early challenge as you try to enter the dilapidated Resort Niwa, but how exactly do you get inside the hotel?

The Medium get inside the hotel

The Medium takes its time in presenting things to you as the game gets rolling and introducing mechanics, but one of the earlier challenges is figuring out how to get inside the hotel known as the Niwa Resort.

Once you’ve gotten through the earliest section of the game and past the gate upon arrival, you’ll make your way through some paths towards the Niwa Resort. There are a few things on the way to the hotel, so try not to rush and explore extra paths.

If you’re just getting started with the game and are struggling with any of the controls, or want to change them, you can use our Complete Controls Guide to help.

How do you get inside the hotel in The Medium?

get inside the hotel

Niwa Resort is one of the central locations of The Medium, and there is a way to get inside the hotel. However, it’s not going to be as easy as walking through the front door.

Once you approach the door you will actually attempt to pull on it, but of course it’s chained shut and the simple way in is no longer an option. Fortunately, your actual entrance is just above the front door and awning.

If you notice the side door to the right of the front entrance, that is going to be part of entering the building. However, you do need something else before you can reach that step.

How to get the screwdriver to get inside the hotel

get inside the hotel

If you went straight to the front door, you’ll need to backtrack a bit into the parking lot area for Niwa Resort. There is a side door you’ll need to use, but if you try to open it you’ll likely notice there’s no usable handle.

If you walk back out, you’ll need to head to the area to the left of the front entrance. Head that direction in the parking lot, and you should find an old classic car.

get inside the hotel

You’ll be able to inspect the car, and the first thing you’ll likely notice is a postcard on the seat. This is an important part of collecting them throughout the game and will help with the backstory, so make sure to pick it up and read it.

If you look around while inspecting the vehicle, you should notice a switch on the dashboard just to the left of the steering wheel. Go ahead and interact with that switch to successfully pop the trunk of this vehicle.

The trunk is actually at the front of this classic, and not the rear of the vehicle. Back out from leaning into the car and inspect the trunk, which should give you a wonderfully eerie and absurdly long creaking noise as it slowly opens.

get inside the hotel

With the trunk popped open, you’re looking for a screwdriver. You should notice it dead center in the above photo. Hover over it and interact to pick up the item, which will then be placed in your inventory.

What do you do after opening the side door of the hotel?

Opening this side door might seem like you’ve officially been able to get inside the hotel, but it’s just a step towards that end goal. Approach the side door shown above and interact with it. While there is no handle, you can now use the screwdriver that was retrieved.

get inside the hotel

The screwdriver can be inserted which will open up these doors and provide you access to this side area. You should hear a line of dialogue about a dumpster heist, which is a clue to what you’ll need here.

Interact with this dumpster near those side doors you opened, and then you’ll have to move to push it out of this side area and towards the awning above the front entrance. Keep pushing until the game doesn’t let you continue.

get inside the hotel

You’re almost there. Now that you’ve finally got the dumpster in place, climb up on top of it and then onto the awning. You’ll automatically get a cutscene climbing through the broken window at which point you have now managed to get inside the hotel.

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