The Outer Worlds Unveils its Final DLC, Murder on Eridanos

Here’s what to expect from the final DLC for The Outer Worlds, Murder on Eridanos, set to release on 17 March.

Image Source: PlayStation, via YouTube
Image Source: PlayStation, via YouTube

The Outer Worlds: Murder on Eridanos is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox on 17 March. As we get closer to the official release, we’ll learn more about the second and final story DLC. 

In a recent VG247 interview with Obsidian’s Nitai Poddar, the narrative director revealed several interesting facts about the upcoming Murder on Eridanos expansion.

Here’s what to expect from the newest addition to The Outer Worlds. 

Murder mystery sets the tone before branching off 

In Murder on Eridanos, things start with the crew of the Unreliable investigating the demise of brand ambassador Halcyon Helen. The team travels to a distant resort that plays home to the galaxy’s most luxurious hotel: The Grand Colonial. Essentially, the murder mystery is the starting point of the entire game. 

You’re cast as inspectors to begin with. Shortly after, you’ll be given the freedom to be run off with the story and choose your own path to follow.

We can expect the opening segments to fuse elements of Agatha Christie-style murder mysteries with the franchise’s signature retro sci-fi aesthetics. The reasoning behind this setup is to give players a sense that they are starring in their own sci-fi serial adventure. 

In many ways, Obsidian feelsas though they’vee done just that with Murder on Eridanos.

The Grand Colonial Hotel is the hub of the game

Poddar mentions in the interview that after thorough discussions with the team, they have decided to make The Grand Colonial Hotel a central environment to the entire game. Metaphorically, the hotel can be viewed as a wheel, with the main building at the centre and different amenities at the spokes. 

Essentially, this allows Obsidian to not only line-up different locations for wacky situations, but also build on the lore. This was something that they didn’t have sufficient space to build upon in the main game previously.  

The creators believe that one of the benefits of this setup is to let players enter unfamiliar territories of the DLC but still get a sense of familiar ground. This was, perhaps, something that wasn’t present in previous versions of the game. 

Murder on Eridanos expanding to untouched base game content

Tim Cain, co-game director for The Outer Worlds, mentioned that the setting plays a big part in establishing the ambience, essentially allowing the DLC to further develop and expand upon untouched content from the base game. 

For instance, places like Eridanos and Odeon Pictures in Byzantium, which were inaccessible in previous games, can now be visited and explored. Additionally, players will now be able to encounter characters like the acting robot Burbage 3000 – something that was seen through the loading scenes in the base game. 

As a result, this game will be appealing to those who were keen on playing all of the side quests in The Outer Worlds. Murder on Eridanos promises to provide a lot more opportunities for one to explore and enjoy in that regard.

Weirdness, goofy moments, and memorable characters expected

Another major point of focus is that players can expect “a lot of weirdness in the expansion.” As mentioned in the interview, director Megan Starks gave the writers the freedom to expand and incorporate more nonsensical aspects into the DLC.

In short, players can expect some moments that may catch them by surprise throughout the game. On top of that, you can expect plenty of unexpected good laughs and goofy situations – more so than in previous expansions.

Poddar also mentions that, along the way, you’ll encounter several memorable characters. As the game is very character-centric, you’ll get to experience a more meaningful gaming experience with deeper connections to characters than before. 

Obsidian has gradually established itself as one of the best role-playing game studios on the market, with their dedication to the classy The Outer Worlds continuing to prove their quality.  

Murder on Eridanos arrives on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox on 17 March 2021; be ready for another taste of Obsidian’s best work later this month. 

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