The Quarry: Everything You Need to Know About “Don’t Breathe” Events

The Quarry is a cinematic horror survival game based at a summer camp at the end of the camping season. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter different types of events such as choosing dialogue, quick time events, button-mashing, and what are known in the game as “don’t breathe” events.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about “don’t breathe” events. They’re not as common in the the early parts of the game, but understanding the mechanic proves crucial in the latter chapters.

What are “don’t breathe” events?

As the name suggests, they’re literally events where you’re tasked with holding your breath for a period of time. To do this, you’ll hit X on PlayStation or A on Xbox to trigger the event, then hold X or A as the red meters on either side of the screen begin to deplete.

Your goal is to hold X or A and only release (breathe) when your breathing won’t be heard.

How to successfully complete “don’t breathe” events

Again, hold X or A as the bars deplete. You’ll notice a pulsating red glow on the screen. This glow will be placed determinant on the location of your foe, for lack of a better term. Sometimes, the glow will be at the top, other times the other areas, and it will even move around if the character searching for you is pacing.

There’s no red glow, so release now!

What you want to do is release X or A to breathe only when the red glow disappears completely from the screen. This will lead to a successful escape based on the circumstances of the “don’t breathe” event.

You do NOT want to release X or A with the red glow on the screen. If you do, you’ll be found. Depending on the characters and circumstances, this could mean a much more difficult time or even death.

There may be those of you inclined to wait a little longer after the glow disappears just to be safe. Be aware that if you wait too long, the red glow will return and you will most likely be forced to breathe as the bars empty. While proceeding with caution in these types of games is always recommended, in these situations, don’t wait too long.

Now you know everything about “don’t breathe” events in The Quarry. Successfully complete five and you’ll pop a trophy. Just remember it’s all about that red glow.

Bruce L

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